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Another (アナザー Anazā)[1] is a phenomenon that occurs inside of LINK VRAINS. It is caused by a virus programmed by Baira of the Knights of Hanoi.


It is said that the people who have become Anothers are those who went to LINK VRAINS and never returned, choosing to live there instead. Naoki Shima speculates that it is due to a cursed Duel Disk, where upon midnight white hands come out and drag the Duel Disk's owner into LINK VRAINS. However, the truth about this rumour is that the victims were forcefully logged into LINK VRAINS. There, they are confronted by Dr. Genome, who is looking for Playmaker.

Because the Knights' target is Playmaker, all victims of the Another phenomenon except for Skye Zaizen have three things in common: exceptional Dueling talent, ownership and use of an old-type Duel Disk, and the fact that all of them are hackers.

After Dr. Genome's defeat, other victims of the Another phenomenon are predominantly a result of attacks from rogue members of the Knights who indiscriminately target any Duelist that so much as logs into the LINK VRAINS. However, as these Knights do not carry the cure and the constant updating of the virus makes it impossible to create a removal program, the only way to help the rest of the victims is to defeat the virus's creator.[2]


Victims of the Another phenomenon are unable to log out of LINK VRAINS and stay unconscious in the real world.



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