Card Tips:Dododo Swordsman

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  • You can easily Synchro Summon "Star Eater" by Special Summoning this card with the effect of "Chaos-End Master".
  • Special Summon this card in face-down Defense Position easily with the effect of "Dododo Witch".
  • If you have an "Inverse Universe" handy to use, Set said Trap Card on the turn you Normal Set or Special Set this card. When "Dododo Swordsman" is Flip Summoned, Chain this card to it, and this will result in it having an astonishing 6500 ATK. But if it is attacked during your opponent's turn, wait before doing that, as then you will at least get to destroy 2 of their monsters first. On your next turn, you can switch this card to ATK Position and use "Inverse Universe". It will have at least 3000 ATK barring other effects that can increase its strength.

Traditional Format[edit]