Card Trivia:Instant Fusion

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  • The creatures on "Polymerization" appears in this card's artwork, both on the cup and in the background.
  • The label on the cup indicates the cost of this card, which is 1000 LP.
  • "Instant Fusion" is the only card that can Fusion Summon a monster from the Extra Deck without involving other cards.
  • "Instant Fusion" has a Ritual counterpart, "Ritual Foregone".
    • They have the same LP cost for activation.
    • Their affected monsters can't attack and are destroyed during the End Phase.
    • Only one of each can be activated per turn.
  • This card, however, is not identical to its Ritual counterpart.
    • This card does properly Special Summon, while "Ritual Foregone" doesn't
    • This card can only Summon Level 5 or less, while its counterpart can Summon any Level.