Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck

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This article is about the TCG Structure Deck. For the OCG Structure Deck, see Structure Deck R: Advent of the True Monarch.
Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck
Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck
  • Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck
FrenchEmpereur des Ombres Deck de Structure
GermanEmperor of Darkness Structure Deck
ItalianImperatore dell'Oscurità Structure Deck
PortugueseImperador das Trevas Deck Estrutural
SpanishEmperador de la Oscuridad Baraja de Estructura
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SR01-EN (en)
  • SR01-FR (fr)
  • SR01-DE (de)
  • SR01-IT (it)
  • SR01-PT (pt)
  • SR01-SP (sp)
Number of cards42
Cover cardErebus the Underworld Monarch
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • January 29, 2016
English (eu)
  • January 28, 2016
English (oc)
  • January 28, 2016
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • January 28, 2016
  • January 29, 2016
Spanish (lat-am)
  • January 29, 2016

Emperor of Darkness

Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the thirty-second Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck R: Advent of the True Monarch in the OCG.

With the addition of several brand-new cards and a ready-to-play Deck that makes these Monsters more powerful than ever, ancient Monarchs are back to rule with the Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck!

The Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck is filled with some of the most imposing Monsters ever made, and they demand Tribute! Monarchs are high-Level monsters that unleash their devastating elemental powers when Tributes are offered to Summon them. Strike a combo using the mighty Erebus the Underworld Monarch with new support cards like Eidos the Underworld Squire or The Prime Monarch, to thwart your opponent’s strategy and reinforce your Deck!

In addition to this 41-card Deck, Duelists can add a brand-new Token card to their collection. With a mix of new and classic cards, this popular theme appeals to both beginning and existing players.


The "Power Up with Packs" supplement on the back of the included play mat suggests combining this Deck with the following cards from these sets.


Each Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck contains:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SR01-EN000"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-EN001"Erebus the Underworld Monarch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-EN002"Eidos the Underworld Squire"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-EN003"Edea the Heavenly Squire"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-EN004"Caius the Shadow Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN005"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN006"Granmarg the Rock Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN007"Mobius the Frost Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN009"Raiza the Storm Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN010"Lucius the Shadow Vassal"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN011"Mithra the Thunder Vassal"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN012"Landrobe the Rock Vassal"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN013"Escher the Frost Vassal"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN014"Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN015"Garum the Storm Vassal"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN016"Illusory Snatcher"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN017"Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN018"Dandylion"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN019"Mathematician"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN020"Level Eater"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN021"Battle Fader"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN022"Rainbow Kuriboh"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-EN023"Pantheism of the Monarchs"Super RareNormal Spell
SR01-EN024"Domain of the True Monarchs"CommonField Spell
SR01-EN025"March of the Monarchs"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-EN026"Return of the Monarchs"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-EN027"The Monarchs Stormforth"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-EN028"Strike of the Monarchs"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-EN029"Tenacity of the Monarchs"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-EN030"Soul Exchange"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-EN031"Enemy Controller"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-EN032"Dicephoon"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-EN033"Soul Charge"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-EN034"The Prime Monarch"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-EN035"The First Monarch"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-EN036"Escalation of the Monarchs"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-EN037"The Monarchs Awaken"CommonNormal Trap
SR01-EN038"The Monarchs Erupt"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-EN039"By Order of the Emperor"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-EN040"Pinpoint Guard"CommonNormal Trap

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SR01-FR000"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch""Aether, le Monarque Céleste"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-FR001"Erebus the Underworld Monarch""Érébus, le Monarque Souterrain"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-FR002"Eidos the Underworld Squire""Eidos, l'Écuyer Souterrain"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-FR003"Edea the Heavenly Squire""Idea, l'Écuyer Céleste"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-FR004"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius, le Monarque des Ombres"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR005"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg, Le Monarque du Tonnerre"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR006"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg le Monarque des Roches"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mobius le Monarque de Glace"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos, le Monarque de la Tempête de Feu"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR009"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza, le Monarque de la Tempête"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR010"Lucius the Shadow Vassal""Lucius le Vassal des Ombres"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR011"Mithra the Thunder Vassal""Mithra le Vassal du Tonnerre"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR012"Landrobe the Rock Vassal""Landrobe le Vassal des Roches"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR013"Escher the Frost Vassal""Escher le Vassal de Glace"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR014"Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal""Berlineth le Vassal de la Tempête de Feu"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR015"Garum the Storm Vassal""Garum le Vassal de la Tempête"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR016"Illusory Snatcher""Ravisseur Illusoire"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR017"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR018"Dandylion""Dandelion"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR019"Mathematician""Mathématicien"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR020"Level Eater""Dévoreur de Niveau"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR021"Battle Fader""Pendulier de Combat"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR022"Rainbow Kuriboh""Kuriboh Arc-en-Ciel"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-FR023"Pantheism of the Monarchs""Panthéisme des Monarques"Super RareNormal Spell
SR01-FR024"Domain of the True Monarchs""Le Domaine des Vrais Monarques"CommonField Spell
SR01-FR025"March of the Monarchs""Assaut des Monarques"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-FR026"Return of the Monarchs""Retour des Monarques"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-FR027"The Monarchs Stormforth""La Tempête des Monarques"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-FR028"Strike of the Monarchs""Attaque des Monarques"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-FR029"Tenacity of the Monarchs""Ténacité des Monarques"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-FR030"Soul Exchange""Bourse des Âmes"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-FR031"Enemy Controller""Contrôleur d'Ennemi"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-FR032"Dicephoon""Déphon"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-FR033"Soul Charge""Charge de l'Âme"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-FR034"The Prime Monarch""Le Primordial Monarque"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-FR035"The First Monarch""Le Premier Monarque"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-FR036"Escalation of the Monarchs""L'Escalade des Monarques"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-FR037"The Monarchs Awaken""Le Réveil des Monarques"CommonNormal Trap
SR01-FR038"The Monarchs Erupt""L'Éruption des Monarques"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-FR039"By Order of the Emperor""Ordonnance Impériale"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-FR040"Pinpoint Guard""Garde Précis"CommonNormal Trap

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
SR01-DE000"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch""Ehther der Himmelsmonarch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-DE001"Erebus the Underworld Monarch""Erebus der Unterweltmonarch"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-DE002"Eidos the Underworld Squire""Eidos der Unterweltknappe"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-DE003"Edea the Heavenly Squire""Edea der Himmelsknappe"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-DE004"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius der Schattenmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE005"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg, Monarch des Donners"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE006"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg der Erdmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Möbius der Frostmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos, der Feuersturmmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE009"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza der Sturmmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE010"Lucius the Shadow Vassal""Lucius der Schattenvasall"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE011"Mithra the Thunder Vassal""Mithra der Donnervasall"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE012"Landrobe the Rock Vassal""Landrobe der Felsvasall"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE013"Escher the Frost Vassal""Escher der Frostvasall"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE014"Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal""Berlineth der Feuersturmvasall"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE015"Garum the Storm Vassal""Garum der Sturmvasall"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE016"Illusory Snatcher""Trügerischer Dieb"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE017"Tragoedia""Tragödia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE018"Dandylion""Löwenzahn-Löwe"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE019"Mathematician""Der Mathematiker"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE020"Level Eater""Stufenfresser"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE021"Battle Fader""Kampfausblender"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE022"Rainbow Kuriboh""Regenbogen-Kuriboh"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-DE023"Pantheism of the Monarchs""Pantheismus der Monarchen"Super RareNormal Spell
SR01-DE024"Domain of the True Monarchs""Domäne der wahren Monarchen"CommonField Spell
SR01-DE025"March of the Monarchs""Marsch der Monarchen"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-DE026"Return of the Monarchs""Rückkehr der Monarchen"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-DE027"The Monarchs Stormforth""Sturmkraft der Monarchen"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-DE028"Strike of the Monarchs""Angriff der Monarchen"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-DE029"Tenacity of the Monarchs""Hartnäckigkeit der Monarchen"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-DE030"Soul Exchange""Seelentausch"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-DE031"Enemy Controller""Feindkontrolle"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-DE032"Dicephoon""Würfeltaifun"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-DE033"Soul Charge""Seelenlast"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-DE034"The Prime Monarch""Der primäre Monarch"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-DE035"The First Monarch""Der erste Monarch"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-DE036"Escalation of the Monarchs""Eskalation der Monarchen"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-DE037"The Monarchs Awaken""Die Monarchen erwachen"CommonNormal Trap
SR01-DE038"The Monarchs Erupt""Die Monarchen brechen hervor"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-DE039"By Order of the Emperor""Auf Anordnung des Kaisers"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-DE040"Pinpoint Guard""Zielgenaue Wache"CommonNormal Trap

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
SR01-IT000"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch""Ehther il Monarca Celeste"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-IT001"Erebus the Underworld Monarch""Erebus il Monarca del Mondo Sotterraneo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-IT002"Eidos the Underworld Squire""Eidos Scudiero del Mondo Sotterraneo"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-IT003"Edea the Heavenly Squire""Edea Scudiero Celeste"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-IT004"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius il Monarca dell'Ombra"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT005"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg il Monarca del Tuono"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT006"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg Monarca della Terra"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mobius il Monarca Glaciale"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos il Monarca della Tempesta di Fuoco"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT009"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza il Monarca della Tempesta"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT010"Lucius the Shadow Vassal""Lucius Vassallo dell'Ombra"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT011"Mithra the Thunder Vassal""Mithra Vassallo del Tuono"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT012"Landrobe the Rock Vassal""Landrobe Vassallo della Roccia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT013"Escher the Frost Vassal""Escher Vassallo del Gelo"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT014"Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal""Berlineth Vassallo della Tempesta di Fuoco"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT015"Garum the Storm Vassal""Garum Vassallo della Tempesta"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT016"Illusory Snatcher""Rapitore Illusorio"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT017"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT018"Dandylion""Dente di Leone"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT019"Mathematician""Il Matematico"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT020"Level Eater""Mangia-Livello"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT021"Battle Fader""Dissolvitore da Battaglia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT022"Rainbow Kuriboh""Kuriboh Arcobaleno"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-IT023"Pantheism of the Monarchs""Panteismo dei Monarchi"Super RareNormal Spell
SR01-IT024"Domain of the True Monarchs""Dominio dei Veri Monarchi"CommonField Spell
SR01-IT025"March of the Monarchs""Avanzata dei Monarchi"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-IT026"Return of the Monarchs""Ritorno dei Monarchi"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-IT027"The Monarchs Stormforth""Tempestavanzata dei Monarchi"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-IT028"Strike of the Monarchs""Colpo dei Monarchi"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-IT029"Tenacity of the Monarchs""Tenacia dei Monarchi"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-IT030"Soul Exchange""Scambio di Anime"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-IT031"Enemy Controller""Controlla-Avversario"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-IT032"Dicephoon""Dadotifone"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-IT033"Soul Charge""Carica Anime"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-IT034"The Prime Monarch""Il Primordiale Monarca"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-IT035"The First Monarch""Il Primo Monarca"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-IT036"Escalation of the Monarchs""Espansione dei Monarchi"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-IT037"The Monarchs Awaken""Il Risveglio dei Monarchi"CommonNormal Trap
SR01-IT038"The Monarchs Erupt""Eruzione dei Monarchi"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-IT039"By Order of the Emperor""Per Ordine dell'Imperatore"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-IT040"Pinpoint Guard""Guardia Mirata"CommonNormal Trap

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
SR01-PT000"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch""Ehther, o Monarca Celestial"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-PT001"Erebus the Underworld Monarch""Erebus, o Monarca do Submundo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-PT002"Eidos the Underworld Squire""Eidos, o Escudeiro do Submundo"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-PT003"Edea the Heavenly Squire""Edea, o Escudeiro Celestial"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-PT004"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius, o Monarca das Sombras"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT005"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg o Trovão Monarca"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT006"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg, o Monarca da Rocha"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mebius, o Monarca Frio como o Gelo"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos, o Monarca da Tempestade de Fogo"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT009"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza, a Monarca da Tempestade"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT010"Lucius the Shadow Vassal""Lucius, o Vassalo das Sombras"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT011"Mithra the Thunder Vassal""Mithra, o Vassalo do Trovão"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT012"Landrobe the Rock Vassal""Landrobe, o Vassalo da Rocha"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT013"Escher the Frost Vassal""Escher, o Vassalo Glacial"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT014"Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal""Berlineth, o Vassalo da Tempestade de Fogo"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT015"Garum the Storm Vassal""Garum, o Vassalo da Tempestade"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT016"Illusory Snatcher""Furtador Ilusório"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT017"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT018"Dandylion""Dente-de-leão"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT019"Mathematician""Matemático"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT020"Level Eater""Devorador de Níveis"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT021"Battle Fader""Desvanecer da Batalha"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT022"Rainbow Kuriboh""Kuriboh Arco-Íris"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-PT023"Pantheism of the Monarchs""Panteísmo dos Monarcas"Super RareNormal Spell
SR01-PT024"Domain of the True Monarchs""Domínio dos Verdadeiros Monarcas"CommonField Spell
SR01-PT025"March of the Monarchs""Marcha dos Monarcas"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-PT026"Return of the Monarchs""Retorno dos Monarcas"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-PT027"The Monarchs Stormforth""O Monarca Avança"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-PT028"Strike of the Monarchs""Ataque dos Monarcas"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-PT029"Tenacity of the Monarchs""Tenacidade dos Monarcas"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-PT030"Soul Exchange""Troca de Almas"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-PT031"Enemy Controller""Controlador de Inimigos"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-PT032"Dicephoon""Furadadão"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-PT033"Soul Charge""Carregar Alma"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-PT034"The Prime Monarch""O Monarca Primordial"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-PT035"The First Monarch""O Primeiro Monarca"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-PT036"Escalation of the Monarchs""Escalada dos Monarcas"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-PT037"The Monarchs Awaken""O Despertar dos Monarcas"CommonNormal Trap
SR01-PT038"The Monarchs Erupt""A Erupção dos Monarcas"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-PT039"By Order of the Emperor""Por Ordem do Imperador"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-PT040"Pinpoint Guard""Guarda Localizador"CommonNormal Trap

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
SR01-SP000"Ehther the Heavenly Monarch""Ehther el Monarca Celestial"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-SP001"Erebus the Underworld Monarch""Erebus el Monarca del Inframundo"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR01-SP002"Eidos the Underworld Squire""Eidos, el Escudero del Inframundo"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-SP003"Edea the Heavenly Squire""Edea, el Escudero Celestial"Super RareEffect Monster
SR01-SP004"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius el Monarca de las Sombras"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP005"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg el Monarca del Trueno"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP006"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Granmarg el Monarca de Roca"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mobius, el Monarca de la Escarcha"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos el Monarca de la Tormenta de Fuego"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP009"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza el Monarca de las Tormentas"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP010"Lucius the Shadow Vassal""Lucius, el Vasallo de las Sombras"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP011"Mithra the Thunder Vassal""Mithra, el Vasallo del Trueno"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP012"Landrobe the Rock Vassal""Landrobe, el Vasallo de las Rocas"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP013"Escher the Frost Vassal""Escher, el Vasallo de la Escarcha"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP014"Berlineth the Firestorm Vassal""Berlineth, el Vasallo de la Tormenta de Fuego"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP015"Garum the Storm Vassal""Garum, el Vasallo de la Tormenta"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP016"Illusory Snatcher""Carterista Ilusorio"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP017"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP018"Dandylion""Diente de León"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP019"Mathematician""Matemático"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP020"Level Eater""Devorador de Niveles"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP021"Battle Fader""Atenuador de Batalla"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP022"Rainbow Kuriboh""Kuriboh Arcoíris"CommonEffect Monster
SR01-SP023"Pantheism of the Monarchs""El Panteísmo de los Monarcas"Super RareNormal Spell
SR01-SP024"Domain of the True Monarchs""El Dominio de los Verdaderos Monarcas"CommonField Spell
SR01-SP025"March of the Monarchs""Avance de los Monarcas"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-SP026"Return of the Monarchs""Retorno de los Monarcas"CommonContinuous Spell
SR01-SP027"The Monarchs Stormforth""Los Monarcas Avanzan"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-SP028"Strike of the Monarchs""Golpe de los Monarcas"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-SP029"Tenacity of the Monarchs""La Tenacidad de los Monarcas"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-SP030"Soul Exchange""Intercambio de Almas"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-SP031"Enemy Controller""Controlador de Enemigos"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-SP032"Dicephoon""Dadofón"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR01-SP033"Soul Charge""Carga de Alma"CommonNormal Spell
SR01-SP034"The Prime Monarch""El Principal Monarca"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-SP035"The First Monarch""El Primer Monarca"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-SP036"Escalation of the Monarchs""Escalada de los Monarcas"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-SP037"The Monarchs Awaken""El Despertar de los Monarcas"CommonNormal Trap
SR01-SP038"The Monarchs Erupt""La Erupción de los Monarcas"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-SP039"By Order of the Emperor""Por Orden del Emperador"CommonContinuous Trap
SR01-SP040"Pinpoint Guard""Guarda Preciso"CommonNormal Trap


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