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Cards Per Pack: 5

Price Per Pack: 1000 DP

Number of Cards: 82

Unlocked: Beat 15 monsters in a row in Survival Duel

Secret Rare[edit]

Graceful Charity

Sinister Serpent

Ultra Rare[edit]

Helios Duo Megiste

Helios Tris Megiste

Master of Dragon Soldier

Ring of Destruction

Super Rare[edit]

D.D. Assailant

Enchanted Arrow

Gilford the Lightning

Homunculus Gold

Slate Warrior

The Ancient Sun Helios

Valkyrion the Magna Warrior


Abyss Soldier

Acid Trap Hole

Elemental Hero Madballman

Emes the Infinity


Kinetic Soldier

Kunai with Chain

Magic-Arm Shield

Magician's Unite


Panther Warrior

Silent Swordsman LV7


Toon Dark Magician Girl

Vorse Raider

Widespread Ruin


Alpha The Magnet Warrior

Anti-Spell Fragrance

Aqua Chorus


Beta The Magnet Warrior

Calamity of the Wicked

Card Destruction

Cathedral of Nobles

Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast

Cyber-Tech Alligator

Dark Magic Ritual

De-Spell Germ Weapon

Dunames Dark Witch

Exarion Universe

Excavation of Mage Stones


Fairy King Truesdale

Foolish Burial

Hannibal Necromancer

Gamma The Magnet Warrior

Garma Sword

Garma Sword Oath

Goblin Zombie

Graceful Dice

Great Spirit

Hero Heyro

Infernal Flame Emperor

Inferno Hammer

Insect Queen

Kaiser Sea Horse

Knight's Title

Magical Blast

Magical Mallet

Mesmeric Control

Mind Control

Mystical Beast Serket

Negate Attack

Puppet Master

Rigras Leever


Rope of Spirit

Sage's Stone

Satellite Cannon

Sebek's Blessing

Skull Dice

Soul Exchange

Sword of Dragon's Soul

Time Machine

Twinheaded Beast

Viser Des


Windstorm of Etaqua