Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck

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This article is about the TCG Structure Deck. For the OCG Structure Deck, see Structure Deck: Devil's Gate.
Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck
Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck
  • Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck
FrenchPortail du Monde Ténébreux Deck de Structure
GermanGates of the Underworld Structure Deck
ItalianCancelli del Sottosuolo Structure Deck
SpanishPuertas del Inframundo Baraja de Estructura
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SDGU-EN (en)
  • SDGU-FR (fr)
  • SDGU-DE (de)
  • SDGU-IT (it)
  • SDGU-SP (sp)
Number of cards40
Cover cardGrapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • October 18, 2011
English (eu)
  • October 13, 2011
English (oc)
  • October 13, 2011
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • October 13, 2011
Spanish (lat-am)
  • October 18, 2011

Gates of the Underworld

Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the twentieth deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Lost Sanctuary Structure Deck. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck: Devil's Gate in the OCG.


The deck features the Fiend-Type Theme. It is a Fiend-Type Deck based on using the "Dark World" Monsters; it includes 5 new cards and many reprints.


Each Gates of the Underworld Structure Deck contains:



Card numberNameRarityCategoryQty
SDGU-EN001"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN002"Snoww, Unlight of Dark World"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN003"Ceruli, Guru of Dark World"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN004"Zure, Knight of Dark World"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-EN005"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-EN006"Scarr, Scout of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN007"Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN008"Gren, Tactician of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN009"Broww, Huntsman of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN010"Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN011"Brron, Mad King of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN012"Sillva, Warlord of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN013"Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN014"Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN015"Belial - Marquis of Darkness"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN016"Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN017"Sangan"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN018"Newdoria"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN019"Goblin King"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN020"Grave Squirmer"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN021"Card Guard"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN022"Battle Fader"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-EN023"The Gates of Dark World"CommonField Spell1
SDGU-EN024"Dark World Lightning"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-EN025"Gateway to Dark World"CommonQuick-Play Spell2
SDGU-EN026"Dark World Dealings"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-EN027"Allure of Darkness"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-EN028"Card Destruction"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-EN029"Terraforming"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-EN030"Dark Eruption"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-EN031"Dark Scheme"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN032"The Forces of Darkness"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN033"Deck Devastation Virus"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN034"Eradicator Epidemic Virus"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN035"Mind Crush"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN036"Dark Deal"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN037"The Transmigration Prophecy"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-EN038"Escape from the Dark Dimension"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDGU-EN039"Dark Bribe"CommonCounter Trap1

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategoryQty
SDGU-FR001"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Seigneur Dragon du Monde Ténébreux"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR002"Snoww, Unlight of Dark World""Snoww, Chanoinesse du Monde Ténébreux"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR003"Ceruli, Guru of Dark World""Ceruli, Guru du Monde Ténébreux"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR004"Zure, Knight of Dark World""Zure, Chevalier du Monde Ténébreux"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-FR005"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World""Renge, Sentinelle du Monde Ténébreux"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-FR006"Scarr, Scout of Dark World""Scarr, Éclaireur du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR007"Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World""Kahkki, Guérilla Du Monde Ténèbreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR008"Gren, Tactician of Dark World""Gren, Stratège du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR009"Broww, Huntsman of Dark World""Broww, Chasseur du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR010"Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World""Beiige, Avant-garde du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR011"Brron, Mad King of Dark World""Brron, Roi Fou du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR012"Sillva, Warlord of Dark World""Sillva, Seigneur de Guerre du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR013"Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World""Goldd, Wu-Lord du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR014"Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World""Règne-Galant, Chef Suprême du Monde Ténébreux"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR015"Belial - Marquis of Darkness""Belial, le Marquis des Ténèbres"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR016"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR017"Sangan""Sangan"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR018"Newdoria""Newdoria"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR019"Goblin King""Roi Gobelin"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR020"Grave Squirmer""Faufilleur du Tombeau"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR021"Card Guard""Garde des Cartes"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR022"Battle Fader""Pendulier de Combat"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-FR023"The Gates of Dark World""Portail du Monde Ténébreux"CommonField Spell1
SDGU-FR024"Dark World Lightning""Foudre du Monde Ténébreux"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-FR025"Gateway to Dark World""Passage vers le Monde Ténébreux"CommonQuick-Play Spell2
SDGU-FR026"Dark World Dealings""Transactions du Monde Ténébreux"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-FR027"Allure of Darkness""Invitation des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-FR028"Card Destruction""Destruction de Carte"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-FR029"Terraforming""Terra Formation"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-FR030"Dark Eruption""Éruption des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-FR031"Dark Scheme""Combine Ténébreuse"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR032"The Forces of Darkness""Les Forces des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR033"Deck Devastation Virus""Virus Démoniaque de Destruction de Deck"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR034"Eradicator Epidemic Virus""Virus Épidémique d'Éradication"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR035"Mind Crush""Cohue Cérébrale"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR036"Dark Deal""Échange Ténébreux"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR037"The Transmigration Prophecy""La Prophétie de la Transmigration"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-FR038"Escape from the Dark Dimension""Délivrance de la Dimension des Ténèbres"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDGU-FR039"Dark Bribe""Pot-de-Vin du Temple Maudit"CommonCounter Trap1

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategoryQty
SDGU-DE001"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Drachenherrscher der Finsteren Welt"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE002"Snoww, Unlight of Dark World""Snoww, Unlicht der Finsteren Welt"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE003"Ceruli, Guru of Dark World""Ceruli, Guru der Finsteren Welt"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE004"Zure, Knight of Dark World""Zure, Ritter der Finsteren Welt"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-DE005"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World""Renge, Torwärter der Finsteren Welt"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-DE006"Scarr, Scout of Dark World""Scarr, Späher der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE007"Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World""Kahkki, Guerilla der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE008"Gren, Tactician of Dark World""Gren, Taktiker der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE009"Broww, Huntsman of Dark World""Broww, Jäger der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE010"Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World""Beiige, Frontkämpfer der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE011"Brron, Mad King of Dark World""Brron, Verrückter König der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE012"Sillva, Warlord of Dark World""Sillva, Kriegsfürst der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE013"Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World""Goldd, Wu-Fürst der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE014"Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World""Reign-Beaux, Oberherr der Finsteren Welt"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE015"Belial - Marquis of Darkness""Belial - Marquis der Finsternis"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE016"Tragoedia""Tragödia"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE017"Sangan""Sangan"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE018"Newdoria""Newdoria"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE019"Goblin King""Goblinkönig"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE020"Grave Squirmer""Grabwinder"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE021"Card Guard""Kartenwache"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE022"Battle Fader""Kampfausblender"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-DE023"The Gates of Dark World""Die Tore der Finsteren Welt"CommonField Spell1
SDGU-DE024"Dark World Lightning""Blitzgewitter der Finsteren Welt"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-DE025"Gateway to Dark World""Zugang zur Finsteren Welt"CommonQuick-Play Spell2
SDGU-DE026"Dark World Dealings""Geschäfte mit der Finsteren Welt"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-DE027"Allure of Darkness""Verlockung der Finsternis"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-DE028"Card Destruction""Kartenzerstörung"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-DE029"Terraforming""Landformen"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-DE030"Dark Eruption""Finsterer Ausbruch"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-DE031"Dark Scheme""Finstere Pläne"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE032"The Forces of Darkness""Die Kräfte der Finsternis"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE033"Deck Devastation Virus""Deckverwüstungsvirus"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE034"Eradicator Epidemic Virus""Ansteckender Ausrottungsvirus"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE035"Mind Crush""Geisteszersetzung"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE036"Dark Deal""Finsteres Abkommen"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE037"The Transmigration Prophecy""Die Auswanderungsprophezeiung"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-DE038"Escape from the Dark Dimension""Flucht aus der finsteren Dimension"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDGU-DE039"Dark Bribe""Finstere Bestechung"CommonCounter Trap1

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategoryQty
SDGU-IT001"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Signore Drago del Mondo Oscuro"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT002"Snoww, Unlight of Dark World""Snoww, Tenebra del Mondo Oscuro"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT003"Ceruli, Guru of Dark World""Ceruli, Guru del Mondo Oscuro"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT004"Zure, Knight of Dark World""Zure, Cavaliere del Mondo Oscuro"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-IT005"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World""Renge, Custode del Mondo Oscuro"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-IT006"Scarr, Scout of Dark World""Scarr, Scout del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT007"Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World""Kahkki, Guerrigliero del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT008"Gren, Tactician of Dark World""Gren, Stratega del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT009"Broww, Huntsman of Dark World""Broww, Cacciatore del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT010"Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World""Beiige, Avanguardia del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT011"Brron, Mad King of Dark World""Brron, Folle Sovrano del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT012"Sillva, Warlord of Dark World""Sillva, Signore della Guerra del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT013"Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World""Goldd, Signore-Wu del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT014"Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World""Reign-Beaux, Signore del Mondo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT015"Belial - Marquis of Darkness""Belial, Marchese dell'Oscurità"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT016"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT017"Sangan""Sangan"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT018"Newdoria""Newdoria"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT019"Goblin King""Re dei Goblin"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT020"Grave Squirmer""Squirmer della Tomba"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT021"Card Guard""Guardia della Carta"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT022"Battle Fader""Dissolvitore da Battaglia"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-IT023"The Gates of Dark World""I Portali del Mondo Oscuro"CommonField Spell1
SDGU-IT024"Dark World Lightning""Fulmine del Mondo Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-IT025"Gateway to Dark World""Cancello del Mondo Oscuro"CommonQuick-Play Spell2
SDGU-IT026"Dark World Dealings""Affari del Mondo Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-IT027"Allure of Darkness""Fascino dell'Oscurità"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-IT028"Card Destruction""Distruggi-Carte"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-IT029"Terraforming""Terraformare"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-IT030"Dark Eruption""Eruzione Oscura"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-IT031"Dark Scheme""Piano Oscuro"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT032"The Forces of Darkness""Le Forze dell'Oscurità"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT033"Deck Devastation Virus""Virus Devasta Deck"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT034"Eradicator Epidemic Virus""Virus Epidemia Estirpatrice"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT035"Mind Crush""Scontro Mentale"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT036"Dark Deal""Accordo Oscuro"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT037"The Transmigration Prophecy""La Profezia della Trasmigrazione"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-IT038"Escape from the Dark Dimension""Fuga dalla Dimensione Oscura"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDGU-IT039"Dark Bribe""Corruzione Oscura"CommonCounter Trap1

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategoryQty
SDGU-SP001"Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World""Grapha, Señor Dragón del Mundo Oscuro"Ultra RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP002"Snoww, Unlight of Dark World""Snoww, No-luz del Mundo Oscuro"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP003"Ceruli, Guru of Dark World""Ceruli, Líder del Mundo Oscuro"Super RareEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP004"Zure, Knight of Dark World""Zure, Caballero del Mundo Oscuro"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-SP005"Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World""Renge, Custodio del Mundo Oscuro"CommonNormal Monster1
SDGU-SP006"Scarr, Scout of Dark World""Scarr, Explorador del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP007"Kahkki, Guerilla of Dark World""Kahkki, Guerrillero del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP008"Gren, Tactician of Dark World""Gren, Táctico del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP009"Broww, Huntsman of Dark World""Broww, Cazador del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP010"Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World""Beiige, Vanguardia del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP011"Brron, Mad King of Dark World""Brron, Rey Loco del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP012"Sillva, Warlord of Dark World""Siilva, Dios de la Guerra del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP013"Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World""Goldd, Dios de la Pelea del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP014"Reign-Beaux, Overlord of Dark World""Reignbeaux, Señor Supremo del Mundo Oscuro"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP015"Belial - Marquis of Darkness""Belial - Marqués de la Oscuridad"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP016"Tragoedia""Tragoedia"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP017"Sangan""Sangan"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP018"Newdoria""Newdoria"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP019"Goblin King""Rey Goblin"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP020"Grave Squirmer""Serpenteador de la Tumba"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP021"Card Guard""Vigilante de las Cartas"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP022"Battle Fader""Atenuador de Batalla"CommonEffect Monster1
SDGU-SP023"The Gates of Dark World""Las Puertas del Mundo Oscuro"CommonField Spell1
SDGU-SP024"Dark World Lightning""Relámpago del Mundo Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-SP025"Gateway to Dark World""Portal al Mundo Oscuro"CommonQuick-Play Spell2
SDGU-SP026"Dark World Dealings""Tratos del Mundo Oscuro"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-SP027"Allure of Darkness""Atractivo de la Oscuridad"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-SP028"Card Destruction""Destrucción de la Carta"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-SP029"Terraforming""Terraformación"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-SP030"Dark Eruption""Erupción Oscura"CommonNormal Spell1
SDGU-SP031"Dark Scheme""Plan Oscuro"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP032"The Forces of Darkness""Las Fuerzas de la Oscuridad"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP033"Deck Devastation Virus""Virus Devastador de Deck"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP034"Eradicator Epidemic Virus""Virus Epidémico Erradicador"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP035"Mind Crush""Romper la Mente"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP036"Dark Deal""Trato Oscuro"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP037"The Transmigration Prophecy""La Profecía de la Transmigración"CommonNormal Trap1
SDGU-SP038"Escape from the Dark Dimension""Escape de la Dimensión Oscura"CommonContinuous Trap1
SDGU-SP039"Dark Bribe""Soborno Oscuro"CommonCounter Trap1


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