Mirror Imagine

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Mirror Imagine
Isaac with "Mirror Imagine Catadioptricker 7" powered-up by sets of "Mirror Imagine Magnifier 4" and "Mirror Imagine Ray 5"
  • ミラーイマジン
  • Mirā Imajin (romanized)

Manga appearances

My Deck is baffling, complex and bizarre... So stick with me for a while.

— Isaac on the "Mirror Imagine" cards.

"Mirror Imagine" (ミラーイマジン Mirā Imajin) is an archetype used by Isaac in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V manga.


All "Mirror Imagine" monsters used by Issac are robotic in design and feature a single numeral at the end of their names, which is also displayed somewhere on their bodies.


The archetype's name, "Mirror Imagine" (ミラーイマジン Mirā Imajin), seems to be a play on "Future Demon" (未来魔神 Mirai Majin), with a nearly identical pronunciation. Furthermore, it also reflects its owner, Isaac, being Reiji's opponent - Reiji's Deck consisting of "Different Dimension Demons". It may also be a reference to mangin mirrors.

Individually, each "Mirror Imagine" monster is named with a word related to mirrors and a single number.

Name Origin
Reflector 1
Reflector 2
Reflector 3
Magnifier 4 Magnification
Ray 5 Ray
Primary 6 Primary lens
Catadioptricker 7 Catadioptric
Prism Coat 8 Prism
Secondary 9 Secondary lens
Additional Mirror Level 7 Reflecting telescope
Devil Mirage Mirage
Exchange of the Mirror World
Mirror World Break
Rubin vase
Kaleidoscope Gate Kaleidoscope

Playing style[edit]

As stated by Isaac, his Deck consists on a baffling and complex strategy, using multiple effects in a row to control the field. Many of his effects revolve around bringing out multiple copies of his cards, using their effects one after another to overwhelm the opponent. With the aid of his "Mirror Imagine Primary 6" and "Mirror Imagine Secondary 9", Isaac can use different strategies, such as using his "Reflector" combo to defend during the opponent's turn, or using several copies of his "Mirror Imagine Magnifier 4"/"Mirror Imagine Ray 5" to achieve high ATK points during his turn.