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"Prank-Kids Drop", "Prank-Kids Pulse" and "Prank-Kids Lamp" in the artwork of "Prank-Kids Prank"

  • プランキッズ
  • Purankizzu (romanized)


TCG Sets

OCG Sets

"Prank-Kids" (プランキッズ Purankizzu, "Prankids" in Japan) is an archetype that debuted in Deck Build Pack: Hidden Summoners.


The Main Deck monsters are named after Max Planck's research into wavelengths (like pulse waves).

Attribute and Type Main Deck Monster Fusion Monster Link Monster
FIRE.svg Pyro Prank-Kids Lamp Prank-Kids Rocket Prank-Kids Bow-Wow
WATER.svg Aqua Prank-Kids Drop Prank-Kids Weather Prank-Kids Roargon
WIND.svg Thunder Prank-Kids Pulse Prank-Kids House-Butler Prank-Kids Doodle
EARTH.svg Rock Prank-Kids Rocksies

Playing style[edit]

The main strategy of this archetype is to swarm the field to summon their Fusion and Link Monsters.

Recommended cards