Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck

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This article is about the TCG Structure Deck. For the OCG Structure Deck, see Structure Deck R: Revival of the Great Divine Dragon.
Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck
Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck
  • Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck
FrenchLa Résurrection des Véritables Dragons Deck de Structure
GermanRise of the True Dragons Structure Deck
ItalianAscesa dei Veri Draghi Structure Deck
PortugueseRenascimento dos Verdadeiros Dragões Deck Estrutural
SpanishRenacimiento de los Dragones Verdaderos Baraja de Estructura
Set information
TypeStructure Deck
  • SR02-EN (en)
  • SR02-FR (fr)
  • SR02-DE (de)
  • SR02-IT (it)
  • SR02-PT (pt)
  • SR02-SP (sp)
Number of cards42
Cover cardDivine Dragon Lord Felgrand
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • July 8, 2016
English (eu)
  • July 7, 2016
English (oc)
  • July 7, 2016
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • July 7, 2016
  • July 8, 2016
Spanish (lat-am)
  • July 8, 2016

Rise of the True Dragons

Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the thirty-third Deck in the TCG's Structure Deck series, following Emperor of Darkness Structure Deck. This deck is the TCG equivalent of Structure Deck R: Revival of the Great Divine Dragon in the OCG.[1]

The second half of 2016 is a season for Dragons in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME! Following up on May’s re-launch of the legendary “Blue-Eyes” theme in Shining Victories, July brings more *oomph* to Duelists’ Dragon Decks with the Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck!

This 41-card Deck is the second of four releases this year to celebrate the high-Level Dragon strategy pioneered by Seto Kaiba on the original Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV series, and includes new high-Level Dragons that banish opposing cards when Summoned, and gain more Attack Points for each card they banish. Also included are new Dragon devotee monsters – easy-to-Summon low-Level Warriors that help get your high-Level Dragons into play quickly. The best part is that these utility Warriors work with ANY high-Level Dragons, including Dragons from other Decks and booster sets.

The real gem of Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck is a new Spell Card that Summons any Level 7 or 8 Dragon directly from the Graveyard, with no restrictions, and can be used afterwards to protect your Dragons from being destroyed, with no drawbacks or limitations. A must-have card for every Dragon Deck!

Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck contains a 41-card Deck with 2 Ultra Rares, 3 Super Rares, and 36 Commons, plus a new Dragon Token Card celebrating over a decade of devotion to Duelists’ Dragon Decks!


The "Power Up with Packs" supplement on the back of the included play mat suggests combining this Deck with the following cards from these sets.


Each Rise of the True Dragons Structure Deck contains:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
SR02-ENTKN"Dragon Lord Token"CommonToken
SR02-EN000"Arkbrave Dragon"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-EN001"Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-EN002"Dragon Knight of Creation"Super RareEffect Monster
SR02-EN003"Paladin of Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN004"Guardian of Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN005"Felgrand Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN006"Darkblaze Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN007"Herald of Creation"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN008"Decoy Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN009"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN010"Red-Eyes Wyvern"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN011"White Night Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN012"Darkstorm Dragon"CommonGemini monster
SR02-EN013"Armed Protector Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN014"Evilswarm Zahak"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN015"Eclipse Wyvern"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN016"White Dragon Wyverburster"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN017"Black Dragon Collapserpent"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN018"Keeper of the Shrine"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN019"Kidmodo Dragon"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN020"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN021"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN022"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR02-EN023"Card Trooper"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-EN024"Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords"Super RareContinuous Spell
SR02-EN025"Return of the Dragon Lords"Super RareNormal Spell
SR02-EN026"Dragon Ravine"CommonField Spell
SR02-EN027"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN028"Trade-In"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN029"Foolish Burial"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN030"Hand Destruction"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR02-EN031"Reinforcement of the Army"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN032"The Warrior Returning Alive"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN033"Charge of the Light Brigade"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN034"Terraforming"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-EN035"Dragon's Rebirth"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-EN036"Burst Breath"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-EN037"Needlebug Nest"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-EN038"Breakthrough Skill"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-EN039"Call of the Haunted"CommonContinuous Trap
SR02-EN040"Oasis of Dragon Souls"CommonContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
SR02-FRTKN"Dragon Lord Token""Jeton Grand Dragon"CommonToken
SR02-FR000"Arkbrave Dragon""Dragon de l'Arche Vaillant"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-FR001"Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand""Grand Dragon d'Or Divin"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-FR002"Dragon Knight of Creation""Chevalier Dragon de la Création"Super RareEffect Monster
SR02-FR003"Paladin of Felgrand""Paladin d'Or"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR004"Guardian of Felgrand""Gardien d'Or"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR005"Felgrand Dragon""Grand Dragon d'Or"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR006"Darkblaze Dragon""Dragon du Brasier Sombre"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR007"Herald of Creation""Prophète de la Création"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR008"Decoy Dragon""Dragon Appât"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR009"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Dragon Sombre Métallique aux Yeux Rouges"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR010"Red-Eyes Wyvern""Vouivre aux Yeux Rouges"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR011"White Night Dragon""Dragon de la Nuit Blanche"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR012"Darkstorm Dragon""Dragon Orage Ténébreux"CommonGemini monster
SR02-FR013"Armed Protector Dragon""Dragon Protecteur Cuirassé"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR014"Evilswarm Zahak""Zahak Colonie du Mal"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR015"Eclipse Wyvern""Vouivre Éclipse"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR016"White Dragon Wyverburster""Dragon Blanc Destruvouivre"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR017"Black Dragon Collapserpent""Dragon Noir Effonserpent"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR018"Keeper of the Shrine""Veilleur du Sanctuaire"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR019"Kidmodo Dragon""Dragon Kidmodo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR020"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Jeanne la Paladine, Seigneur Lumière"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR021"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""Ehren le Moine, Seigneur Lumière"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR022"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn""Raiden le Serviteur, Seigneur Lumière"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR02-FR023"Card Trooper""Soldat de Carte"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-FR024"Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords""Ruines des Grands Dragons Divins"Super RareContinuous Spell
SR02-FR025"Return of the Dragon Lords""Le Retour des Grands Dragons"Super RareNormal Spell
SR02-FR026"Dragon Ravine""Ravin des Dragons"CommonField Spell
SR02-FR027"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon""Le Battement d'Aile du Dragon Géant"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR028"Trade-In""Transaction"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR029"Foolish Burial""Sacrifice Inutile"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR030"Hand Destruction""Destruction de Main"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR02-FR031"Reinforcement of the Army""Renfort de l'Armée"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR032"The Warrior Returning Alive""Le Guerrier Réincarné"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR033"Charge of the Light Brigade""Renfort de Lumière"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR034"Terraforming""Terra Formation"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-FR035"Dragon's Rebirth""Transmigration de Dragon"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-FR036"Burst Breath""Souffle Ardent"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-FR037"Needlebug Nest""Nid des Insectes Piquants"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-FR038"Breakthrough Skill""Compétence de Percée"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-FR039"Call of the Haunted""Appel de l'Être Hanté"CommonContinuous Trap
SR02-FR040"Oasis of Dragon Souls""Oasis d'Âmes de Dragon"CommonContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
SR02-DETKN"Dragon Lord Token""Drachenherr-Spielmarke"CommonToken
SR02-DE000"Arkbrave Dragon""Tapferer Archendrache"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-DE001"Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand""Himmlischer Drachenherr Fellgrant"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-DE002"Dragon Knight of Creation""Drachenritter der Schöpfung"Super RareEffect Monster
SR02-DE003"Paladin of Felgrand""Paladin von Fellgrant"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE004"Guardian of Felgrand""Wächter von Fellgrant"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE005"Felgrand Dragon""Fellgrant-Drache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE006"Darkblaze Dragon""Finsterer Flackerdrache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE007"Herald of Creation""Herold der Schöpfung"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE008"Decoy Dragon""Köderdrache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE009"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Rotäugiger finsterer Metalldrache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE010"Red-Eyes Wyvern""Rotäugiger Lindwurm"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE011"White Night Dragon""Weißer Nachtdrache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE012"Darkstorm Dragon""Finstersturm-Drache"CommonGemini monster
SR02-DE013"Armed Protector Dragon""Bewaffneter Beschützerdrache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE014"Evilswarm Zahak""Übelschar-Zahak"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE015"Eclipse Wyvern""Eklipsen-Lindwurm"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE016"White Dragon Wyverburster""Weißer Drache Lindwurmstrahl"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE017"Black Dragon Collapserpent""Schwarzer Drache Kollapschlange"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE018"Keeper of the Shrine""Hüter des Schreins"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE019"Kidmodo Dragon""Kindmodo-Drache"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE020"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Jain, Lichtverpflichteter Paladin"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE021"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""Ehren, Lichtverpflichteter Mönch"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE022"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn""Raiden, Hand der Lichtverpflichteten"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR02-DE023"Card Trooper""Kartenkavallerist"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-DE024"Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords""Ruinen der Himmlischen Drachenherren"Super RareContinuous Spell
SR02-DE025"Return of the Dragon Lords""Rückkehr der Drachenherren"Super RareNormal Spell
SR02-DE026"Dragon Ravine""Drachenschlucht"CommonField Spell
SR02-DE027"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon""Flügelschlag des Drachengiganten"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE028"Trade-In""Inzahlungnahme"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE029"Foolish Burial""Törichtes Begräbnis"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE030"Hand Destruction""Handzerstörung"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR02-DE031"Reinforcement of the Army""Verstärkung für die Armee"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE032"The Warrior Returning Alive""Der lebendig heimkehrende Krieger"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE033"Charge of the Light Brigade""Angriff der Lichtbrigade"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE034"Terraforming""Landformen"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-DE035"Dragon's Rebirth""Drachenseelenwanderung"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-DE036"Burst Breath""Flammender Odem"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-DE037"Needlebug Nest""Nest der Nadelkäfer"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-DE038"Breakthrough Skill""Durchbruchfähigkeit"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-DE039"Call of the Haunted""Ruf der Gejagten"CommonContinuous Trap
SR02-DE040"Oasis of Dragon Souls""Oase der Drachenseelen"CommonContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
SR02-ITTKN"Dragon Lord Token""Segna-Signore dei Draghi"CommonToken
SR02-IT000"Arkbrave Dragon""Drago Arca Coraggioso"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-IT001"Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand""Signore Divino dei Gloriosi Draghi d'Oro"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-IT002"Dragon Knight of Creation""Cavaliere Drago della Creazione"Super RareEffect Monster
SR02-IT003"Paladin of Felgrand""Glorioso Paladino d'Oro"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT004"Guardian of Felgrand""Glorioso Guardiano d'Oro"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT005"Felgrand Dragon""Glorioso Drago d'Oro"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT006"Darkblaze Dragon""Drago Fiamma Nera"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT007"Herald of Creation""Profeta della Creazione"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT008"Decoy Dragon""Drago da Richiamo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT009"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Drago Metallico Oscuro Occhi Rossi"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT010"Red-Eyes Wyvern""Viverna Occhi Rossi"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT011"White Night Dragon""Drago Notte Bianca"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT012"Darkstorm Dragon""Drago Neratempesta"CommonGemini monster
SR02-IT013"Armed Protector Dragon""Drago Protettore Armato"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT014"Evilswarm Zahak""Zahak Brancomalvagio"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT015"Eclipse Wyvern""Viverna Eclisse"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT016"White Dragon Wyverburster""Drago Bianco Vivernaesplosiva"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT017"Black Dragon Collapserpent""Drago Nero Crolloserpente"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT018"Keeper of the Shrine""Custode del Reliquiario"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT019"Kidmodo Dragon""Drago Kidmodo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT020"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Jain, Paladino Fedele della Luce"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT021"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""Ehren, Monaca Fedele della Luce"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT022"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn""Raiden, Mano del Fedele della Luce"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR02-IT023"Card Trooper""Truppa della Carta"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-IT024"Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords""Rovine dei Signori Divini dei Draghi"Super RareContinuous Spell
SR02-IT025"Return of the Dragon Lords""Ritorno dei Signori dei Draghi"Super RareNormal Spell
SR02-IT026"Dragon Ravine""Gola Drago"CommonField Spell
SR02-IT027"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon""Il Battito d'Ali del Drago Gigante"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT028"Trade-In""Baratto"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT029"Foolish Burial""Sepoltura Sciocca"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT030"Hand Destruction""Distruggi-Mano"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR02-IT031"Reinforcement of the Army""Rinforzi dell'Esercito"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT032"The Warrior Returning Alive""Il Guerriero Sopravvissuto"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT033"Charge of the Light Brigade""Carica della Brigata della Luce"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT034"Terraforming""Terraformare"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-IT035"Dragon's Rebirth""Rinascita del Drago"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-IT036"Burst Breath""Soffio Incendiario"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-IT037"Needlebug Nest""Nido degli Scarafaggi Pungiglioni"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-IT038"Breakthrough Skill""Abilità Risolutiva"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-IT039"Call of the Haunted""Richiamo del Posseduto"CommonContinuous Trap
SR02-IT040"Oasis of Dragon Souls""Oasi delle Anime Drago"CommonContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish namePortuguese nameRarityCategory
SR02-PTTKN"Dragon Lord Token""Ficha de Senhor Dragão"CommonToken
SR02-PT000"Arkbrave Dragon""Dragão do Arco da Coragem"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-PT001"Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand""Felgrand, o Divino Senhor Dragão"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-PT002"Dragon Knight of Creation""Cavaleiro Dragão da Criação"Super RareEffect Monster
SR02-PT003"Paladin of Felgrand""Paladino de Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT004"Guardian of Felgrand""Guardião de Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT005"Felgrand Dragon""Dragão Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT006"Darkblaze Dragon""Dragão da Chama Negra"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT007"Herald of Creation""Arauto da Criação"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT008"Decoy Dragon""Dragão Chamariz"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT009"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Dragão Metálico das Trevas de Olhos Vermelhos"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT010"Red-Eyes Wyvern""Wivern de Olhos Vermelhos"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT011"White Night Dragon""Dragão da Noite Branca"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT012"Darkstorm Dragon""Dragão da Tempestade Negra"CommonGemini monster
SR02-PT013"Armed Protector Dragon""Dragão Protetor Armado"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT014"Evilswarm Zahak""Hordeum Maligno Zahak"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT015"Eclipse Wyvern""Wivern do Eclipse"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT016"White Dragon Wyverburster""Dragão Branco Wivexplosão"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT017"Black Dragon Collapserpent""Dragão Negro Colapserpente"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT018"Keeper of the Shrine""Defensor do Santuário"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT019"Kidmodo Dragon""Dragão-de-Kidmodo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT020"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Jain, a Paladina Luminosa"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT021"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""Ehren, a Monge Luminosa"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT022"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn""Raiden, a Mão dos Luminosos"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR02-PT023"Card Trooper""Soldado Card"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-PT024"Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords""Ruínas dos Divinos Senhores Dragão"Super RareContinuous Spell
SR02-PT025"Return of the Dragon Lords""Retorno dos Senhores Dragão"Super RareNormal Spell
SR02-PT026"Dragon Ravine""Ravina de Dragões"CommonField Spell
SR02-PT027"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon""Bater de Asas do Dragão Gigante"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT028"Trade-In""Trocar"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT029"Foolish Burial""Enterro Tolo"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT030"Hand Destruction""Destruição da Mão"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR02-PT031"Reinforcement of the Army""Reforço do Exército"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT032"The Warrior Returning Alive""O Regresso do Guerreiro Vivo"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT033"Charge of the Light Brigade""Investida da Brigada da Luz"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT034"Terraforming""Transformação Campal"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-PT035"Dragon's Rebirth""Renascimento do Dragão"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-PT036"Burst Breath""Bafo Explosivo"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-PT037"Needlebug Nest""Ninho do Agulheto"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-PT038"Breakthrough Skill""Avanço Habilidoso"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-PT039"Call of the Haunted""Chamado dos Assombrados"CommonContinuous Trap
SR02-PT040"Oasis of Dragon Souls""Oasis de Almas de Dragões"CommonContinuous Trap

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
SR02-SPTKN"Dragon Lord Token""Ficha Señor Dragón"CommonToken
SR02-SP000"Arkbrave Dragon""Dragón Arcavaliente"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-SP001"Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand""Señor Dragón Divino Felgrand"Ultra RareEffect Monster
SR02-SP002"Dragon Knight of Creation""Caballero Dragón de la Creación"Super RareEffect Monster
SR02-SP003"Paladin of Felgrand""Paladín de Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP004"Guardian of Felgrand""Guardián de Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP005"Felgrand Dragon""Dragón Felgrand"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP006"Darkblaze Dragon""Dragón Llamaoscura"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP007"Herald of Creation""Profeta de la Creación"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP008"Decoy Dragon""Dragón Señuelo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP009"Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Dragón Metálico de Oscuridad de Ojos Rojos"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP010"Red-Eyes Wyvern""Güiverno de Ojos Rojos"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP011"White Night Dragon""Dragón de la Noche Blanca"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP012"Darkstorm Dragon""Dragón Tormentaoscura"CommonGemini monster
SR02-SP013"Armed Protector Dragon""Dragón Protector Armado"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP014"Evilswarm Zahak""Zahak Horda de Maldad"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP015"Eclipse Wyvern""Güiverno del Eclipse"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP016"White Dragon Wyverburster""Dragón Blanco Güivexplosivo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP017"Black Dragon Collapserpent""Dragón Negro Colapserpiente"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP018"Keeper of the Shrine""Cuidador del Santuario"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP019"Kidmodo Dragon""Dragón Kidmodo"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP020"Jain, Lightsworn Paladin""Jain, Paladín Luminoso"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP021"Ehren, Lightsworn Monk""Ehren, Monje Luminosa"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP022"Raiden, Hand of the Lightsworn""Raiden, Mano Luminosa"CommonEffect Tuner monster
SR02-SP023"Card Trooper""Soldado de la Carta"CommonEffect Monster
SR02-SP024"Ruins of the Divine Dragon Lords""Ruinas de los Señores Dragón Divinos"Super RareContinuous Spell
SR02-SP025"Return of the Dragon Lords""Retorno de los Señores Dragón"Super RareNormal Spell
SR02-SP026"Dragon Ravine""Barranco del Dragón"CommonField Spell
SR02-SP027"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon""El Batir de Alas del Dragón Gigante"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP028"Trade-In""Canjear"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP029"Foolish Burial""Entierro Insensato"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP030"Hand Destruction""Destrucción de la Mano"CommonQuick-Play Spell
SR02-SP031"Reinforcement of the Army""Refuerzo del Ejército"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP032"The Warrior Returning Alive""El Guerrero Volviendo Con Vida"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP033"Charge of the Light Brigade""Carga de la Caballería Ligera"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP034"Terraforming""Terraformación"CommonNormal Spell
SR02-SP035"Dragon's Rebirth""Renacimiento del Dragón"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-SP036"Burst Breath""Estallido de Aliento"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-SP037"Needlebug Nest""Nido del Bichoaguja"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-SP038"Breakthrough Skill""Habilidad Rompedora"CommonNormal Trap
SR02-SP039"Call of the Haunted""Llamada de los Condenados"CommonContinuous Trap
SR02-SP040"Oasis of Dragon Souls""Oasis de las Almas de Dragón"CommonContinuous Trap


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