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  • In episode 139, this card appears in a vision-like flashback Yami Marik shows to Yami Yugi when the former reveals what he did to Bakura.
  • In episode 161, this card is shown in a flashback explained by Rex Raptor. Weevil Underwood and Rex were once shown forcing a kid to give up his rarest card (this card) in exchange for their autographs. After Weevil and Rex lost their fame due to them being beaten by Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler, a bunch of tough guys appeared and proceeded in beating up Rex and Weevil. After they were done, they took this card from them and gave it back to the kid they tricked before.
  • In episode 222, this card is seen in Yugi's thoughts when he notes that he previously let Yami Yugi do things for him and was always behind him, but now is the first time that he must prove that he does not need Yami Yugi's help and show how much he has grown since he solved the Millennium Puzzle.

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