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{{Infobox archseries
{{Infobox archseries
| image   = MayhemFurHire-OW.png
| image         = MayhemFurHire-OW.png
| caption = "[[Mayhem Fur Hire]]"
| caption       = "[[Mayhem Fur Hire]]"
| ja_name = {{Ruby|空|くう}}{{Ruby|牙|が}}{{Ruby|団|だん}}
| ja_name       = {{Ruby|空|くう}}{{Ruby|牙|が}}{{Ruby|団|だん}}
| romaji   = Kūgadan
| romaji         = Kūgadan
| trans   = Skyfang Brigade
| trans         = Skyfang Brigade
| fr_name = Mercefourrure
| fr_name       = Mercefourrure
| de_name = Fellsöldner
| fr_trans      = Furcenary
| it_name = Pelliccia Mercenaria
| de_name       = Fellsöldner
| it_trans = Mercenary Fur
| de_trans      = Fur Mercenary
| ko_name = 공아단
| it_name       = Pelliccia Mercenaria
| pt_name = de Peluguel
| it_trans       = Mercenary Fur
| pt_trans = of Fur Rent
| ko_name       = 공아단
| es_name = Mascota a Sueldo
| ko_hanja      = 空牙團
| ko_romanized  = Gung-adan
| pt_name       = de Peluguel
| pt_trans       = Fur Rent
| es_name       = Mascota a Sueldo
| es_trans      = Hired Pet
| sets    =
| sets    =
* [[Soul Fusion]]
* [[Soul Fusion]]

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Fur Hire
"Mayhem Fur Hire"
  • くうだん
  • 空牙団 (base)
  • くうがだん (ruby)
  • Kūgadan (romanized)
  • Skyfang Brigade (translated)

  • Mercefourrure
  • Furcenary (translated)

  • Fellsöldner
  • Fur Mercenary (translated)

  • Pelliccia Mercenaria
  • Mercenary Fur (translated)

  • 공아단
  • 空牙團 (Hanja)
  • Gung-adan (romanized)

  • de Peluguel
  • Fur Rent (translated)

  • Mascota a Sueldo
  • Hired Pet (translated)


TCG Sets

OCG Sets

"Fur Hire" (くうだん Kūgadan, "Skyfang Brigade" in Japanese), is an archetype of monsters with different Types, Attributes and Levels that debuted in Dark Saviors.

Unlike support cards for other archetypes, which uses the text '"[archetype]" card' in their effects, "Fur Hire" support cards use the text 'monster "Fur Hire"' or 'card "Fur Hire"'.



The monsters "Fur Hire" are anthropomorphic animals wearing armor.


Name Creature Occupation/Title
Beat Rabbit Bladesman
Bravo Lizard Fighter
Donpa Bat Marksman
Dyna Bull Hero
Folgo Wolf Justicer
Helmer Axolotl Helmsman
Filo Duck Messenger
Rafale Dragon Champion
Recon Ermine Scout
Sagitta Raven Sniper
Seal Rat Strategist
Wiz Octopus Sage

Playing style

The main strategy of the archetype is to swarm the field with as many monsters "Fur Hire" as possible, in order to trigger their effects, which range from card destruction to LP recovery.

The Level 4 or lower monsters "Fur Hire" have an Ignition Effect that allows the player to Special Summon a monster "Fur Hire" from their hand during their Main Phase, plus an additional Trigger Effect that activates if a monster "Fur Hire" is Special Summoned while that monster is face-up on the field.

Fur Hire Level Attribute Type Trigger Effect when a monster "Fur Hire" is Special Summoned
Filo 1 WIND WIND.svg Winged Beast Special Summons a monster "Fur Hire" from your GY in Defense Position, but places that monster on the bottom of the Deck when it leaves the field.
Donpa 2 Beast Destroys a face-up card on the field.
Recon Destroys a Set card on the field.
Beat 3 EARTH EARTH.svg Warrior Adds a monster "Fur Hire" from the Deck to the hand, except another copy of itself.
Helmer WATER WATER.svg Aqua Discards a card "Fur Hire" to draw a card.
Bravo 4 FIRE FIRE.svg Reptile Increases the ATK/DEF of all monsters "Fur Hire" by 500, until the end of the turn.
Seal DARK DARK.svg Beast-Warrior Adds a monster "Fur Hire" from the Graveyard to the hand.

The Level 5 or higher monsters have a Trigger Effect that activates when they are Special Summoned and another effect that serves as a protection against the opponent's actions, by either negating their cards/effects or preventing them from targeting other monsters "Fur Hire" with card effects.

Fur Hire Level Attribute Type Trigger Effect when Special Summoned Protective effect
Sagitta 5 WIND WIND.svg Winged Beast Inflicts 500 damage to the opponent for every other different monster "Fur Hire". Prevents other monsters "Fur Hire" from being targeted by an opponent's card effect.
Dyna 6 EARTH EARTH.svg Beast-Warrior Banishes cards from the opponent's Graveyard for every different monster "Fur Hire". Prevents the opponent from attacking other monsters "Fur Hire".
Wiz 7 WATER WATER.svg Spellcaster Increases its owner's LP by 500 for every other different monster "Fur Hire". Discards a card "Fur Hire" to negate the activation of a Spell/Trap Card or effect.
Rafale 8 LIGHT LIGHT.svg Dragon Excavates the top of the Deck and adds 1 excavated monster "Fur Hire" to the hand. Discards a card "Fur Hire" to negate the activation of a monster effect.

Lastly, the Link Monster "Folgo, Justice Fur Hire" supports the playstyle with further Special Summoning and drawing.

Recommended cards

Recommended cards


  • The "Fur Hire" archetype desperately needs its Normal Summon to swarm the field, therefore any card that can negate it will severely cripple the "Fur Hire" strategy.
  • Cards like "Rivalry of Warlords", "Gozen Match" and "Unification" can prevent monsters "Fur Hire" from swarming the field.
  • Monsters "Fur Hire" heavily depend on their monster effects, making cards like "Skill Drain" very effective against the Deck.