Main Phase 1

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Main Phase 1



Japanese (romanized)

Mein Feizu 1


Main Phase 1

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Order of a turn.

Main Phase 1 (Japanese: メインフェイズ1 Mein Feizu Ichi) is a Main Phase conducted after the Standby Phase. As a Main Phase, most actions that could normally be performed in Main Phase 2 can also be performed in this phase.

After Main Phase 1 has ended, the turn player may choose to enter the Battle Phase. If they choose not to, the player automatically proceeds to the End Phase (they cannot enter Main Phase 2 unless they conduct their Battle Phase). This means that if a player's Main Phase 1 were to be skipped(Such as by activating a "Bamboo Sword" card while you already control "Burning Bamboo Sword"), their actions would be restricted to drawing during their Draw Phase and activating Fast effects.

Some cards and effects can only be activated during Main Phase 1, such as "Cold Wave" and the effect of "Dark Strike Fighter". Many of these effects possess this restriction due to applying an effect during the Battle Phase, such as "After the Struggle" and the effect of "Baby Tiragon".

Possible actions

In Main Phase 1, the turn player may:

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