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{{Set gallery|rarity=Common|
<div style="text-align: center;"><span style="font-size: 120%;">'''''[[Structure Deck: Invincible Fortress]]'''''</span><br />'''{{Card name|Structure Deck: Invincible Fortress|ko}}'''<br />Korean - Unlimited Edition</div>
SD7-KR001; Exxod, Master of The Guard; UR
SD7-KR002; Great Spirit
{| class="card-galleries"
SD7-KR003; Giant Rat
SD7-KR004; Maharaghi
SD7-KR005; Guardian Sphinx
<gallery widths="175px">
SD7-KR006; Gigantes
ExxodMasterofTheGuard-SD7-KR-UR-UE.png    | [[SD7-KR001]] ([[UR]])<br />[[Exxod, Master of The Guard]]<br />{{Card name|Exxod, Master of The Guard|ko}}
SD7-KR007; Stone Statue of the Aztecs
GreatSpirit-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR002]] ([[C]])<br />[[Great Spirit]]<br />{{Card name|Great Spirit|ko}}
SD7-KR008; Golem Sentry
GiantRat-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                  | [[SD7-KR003]] ([[C]])<br />[[Giant Rat]]<br />{{Card name|Giant Rat|ko}}
SD7-KR009; Hieracosphinx
Maharaghi-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                  | [[SD7-KR004]] ([[C]])<br />[[Maharaghi]]<br />{{Card name|Maharaghi|ko}}
SD7-KR010; Criosphinx
GuardianSphinx-SD7-KR-C-UE.png            | [[SD7-KR005]] ([[C]])<br />[[Guardian Sphinx]]<br />{{Card name|Guardian Sphinx|ko}}
SD7-KR011; Moai Interceptor Cannons
Gigantes-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                  | [[SD7-KR006]] ([[C]])<br />[[Gigantes]]<br />{{Card name|Gigantes|ko}}
SD7-KR012; Megarock Dragon
StoneStatueoftheAztecs-SD7-KR-C-UE.png    | [[SD7-KR007]] ([[C]])<br />[[Stone Statue of the Aztecs]]<br />{{Card name|Stone Statue of the Aztecs|ko}}
SD7-KR013; Guardian Statue
GolemSentry-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR008]] ([[C]])<br />[[Golem Sentry]]<br />{{Card name|Golem Sentry|ko}}
SD7-KR014; Medusa Worm
Hieracosphinx-SD7-KR-C-UE.png              | [[SD7-KR009]] ([[C]])<br />[[Hieracosphinx]]<br />{{Card name|Hieracosphinx|ko}}
SD7-KR015; Sand Moth
Criosphinx-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR010]] ([[C]])<br />[[Criosphinx]]<br />{{Card name|Criosphinx|ko}}
SD7-KR016; Canyon
MoaiInterceptorCannons-SD7-KR-C-UE.png    | [[SD7-KR011]] ([[C]])<br />[[Moai Interceptor Cannons]]<br />{{Card name|Moai Interceptor Cannons|ko}}
SD7-KR017; Mystical Space Typhoon
MegarockDragon-SD7-KR-C-UE.png            | [[SD7-KR012]] ([[C]])<br />[[Megarock Dragon]]<br />{{Card name|Megarock Dragon|ko}}
SD7-KR018; Premature Burial
GuardianStatue-SD7-KR-C-UE.png            | [[SD7-KR013]] ([[C]])<br />[[Guardian Statue]]<br />{{Card name|Guardian Statue|ko}}
SD7-KR019; Swords of Revealing Light
MedusaWorm-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR014]] ([[C]])<br />[[Medusa Worm]]<br />{{Card name|Medusa Worm|ko}}
SD7-KR020; Shield & Sword
SandMoth-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                  | [[SD7-KR015]] ([[C]])<br />[[Sand Moth]]<br />{{Card name|Sand Moth|ko}}
SD7-KR021; Magical Mallet
Canyon-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                    | [[SD7-KR016]] ([[C]])<br />[[Canyon]]<br />{{Card name|Canyon|ko}}
SD7-KR022; Hammer Shot
MysticalSpaceTyphoon-SD7-KR-C-UE.png      | [[SD7-KR017]] ([[C]])<br />[[Mystical Space Typhoon]]<br />{{Card name|Mystical Space Typhoon|ko}}
SD7-KR023; Ectoplasmer
PrematureBurial-SD7-KR-C-UE.png            | [[SD7-KR018]] ([[C]])<br />[[Premature Burial]]<br />{{Card name|Premature Burial|ko}}
SD7-KR024; Brain Control
SwordsofRevealingLight-SD7-KR-C-UE.png    | [[SD7-KR019]] ([[C]])<br />[[Swords of Revealing Light]]<br />{{Card name|Swords of Revealing Light|ko}}
SD7-KR025; Shifting Shadows
ShieldSword-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR020]] ([[C]])<br />[[Shield & Sword]]<br />{{Card name|Shield & Sword|ko}}
SD7-KR026; Waboku
MagicalMallet-SD7-KR-C-UE.png              | [[SD7-KR021]] ([[C]])<br />[[Magical Mallet]]<br />{{Card name|Magical Mallet|ko}}
SD7-KR027; Ultimate Offering
HammerShot-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR022]] ([[C]])<br />[[Hammer Shot]]<br />{{Card name|Hammer Shot|ko}}
SD7-KR028; Magic Drain
Ectoplasmer-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR023]] ([[C]])<br />[[Ectoplasmer]]<br />{{Card name|Ectoplasmer|ko}}
SD7-KR029; Robbin' Goblin
BrainControl-SD7-KR-C-UE.png              | [[SD7-KR024]] ([[C]])<br />[[Brain Control]]<br />{{Card name|Brain Control|ko}}
SD7-KR030; Ordeal of a Traveler
ShiftingShadows-SD7-KR-C-UE.png            | [[SD7-KR025]] ([[C]])<br />[[Shifting Shadows]]<br />{{Card name|Shifting Shadows|ko}}
SD7-KR031; Reckless Greed
Waboku-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                    | [[SD7-KR026]] ([[C]])<br />[[Waboku]]<br />{{Card name|Waboku|ko}}
SD7-KR032; Compulsory Evacuation Device
UltimateOffering-SD7-KR-C-UE.png          | [[SD7-KR027]] ([[C]])<br />[[Ultimate Offering]]<br />{{Card name|Ultimate Offering|ko}}
MagicDrain-SD7-KR-C-UE.png                | [[SD7-KR028]] ([[C]])<br />[[Magic Drain]]<br />{{Card name|Magic Drain|ko}}
RobbinGoblin-SD7-KR-C-UE.png              | [[SD7-KR029]] ([[C]])<br />[[Robbin' Goblin]]<br />{{Card name|Robbin' Goblin|ko}}
OrdealofaTraveler-SD7-KR-C-UE.png          | [[SD7-KR030]] ([[C]])<br />[[Ordeal of a Traveler]]<br />{{Card name|Ordeal of a Traveler|ko}}
RecklessGreed-SD7-KR-C-UE.png              | [[SD7-KR031]] ([[C]])<br />[[Reckless Greed]]<br />{{Card name|Reckless Greed|ko}}
CompulsoryEvacuationDevice-SD7-KR-C-UE.png | [[SD7-KR032]] ([[C]])<br />[[Compulsory Evacuation Device]]<br />{{Card name|Compulsory Evacuation Device|ko}}
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Structure Deck: Invincible Fortress
STRUCTURE DECK스트럭처 덱 —무적의 요새—
Korean - Unlimited Edition