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Takeru Homura
Takeru Homura
  • Takeru Homura
OtherSoulburner (ソウルバーナー, Sōrubānā)
  • Duelist
Anime Deck
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 48: "Judgment Arrow"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
JapaneseYuki Kaji[2]
Homura, Takeru

Takeru Homura (むら たける, Homura Takeru), known as Soulburner (ソウルバーナー, Sōrubānā) in LINK VRAINS, is a character in the second season of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is one of the victims of the Lost Incident, and he is partnered with an Ignis, Flame, whom he is the Origin of. Inspired by Playmaker, Blue Angel, and The Gore's fight against the Knights of Hanoi, he transfers to Den City High School to aid Playmaker.



Full views of Takeru, both in reality and as Soulburner.

Takeru is a fair-skinned bespectacled teen with grey eyes and dual-layered hair; the more predominant top section is silver, while the bottom layer is reddish-orange. He has five prominent, but short, spiky locks in his bangs; the outer two frame his face, while the central three curve to the left of his head in a similar style to Yugo. He wears ovular green-rimmed spectacles that leave the base of the lens exposed. Takeru wears the Den City High School boys' uniform with a lavender-lined collar and pink tie, but more neatly than the disheveled Yusaku Fujiki; his shirt is tucked in, his coat is closed, and he wears more formal brown shoes.

As a delinquent, he wore his hair slicked back and did not wear glasses. He wore a white jumpsuit with dark yellow zips and lines on the sleeve, a black shirt, a silver necklace, and black trainers with white soles.

As Soulburner in LINK VRAINS, he removes his spectacles and his eyes turn gold. His hair becomes slightly longer and his central bangs reverse direction and become more angular. The upper layer of his hair becomes turquoise, while the bottom layer and his eyebrows both become blue and more prominent. His bangs become red; the framing bangs are shot through with orange, while the central bang turns orange. Soulburner wears a grey jumpsuit patterned with orange flames licking the limbs, red rib sections, and a yellow arrowhead shape running down his chest with a triangular aquamarine gem in the center. He has red shoulder-pads, greaves, and a gauntlet on his left hand and an elbow-guard on his right arm, which is bare to the wrist. Soulburner wears gloves with a similar basic design; the one on his right hand is a fingerless red glove with orange knuckles and a square-shaped section missing from the back of the hand, and the one on his left is black, with red knuckles and a red patch on the back of his hand. He also wears red boots with grey, orange-lined tongues and orange soles. Soulburner wears an unusual scarf that protrudes from his back that appears to "flicker"; small sections either hover separately as if they were attached or are constantly emitted.


Takeru suffered immense trauma as a result of the Lost Incident, and while he has largely recovered, he believed his life to have been at a standstill for many years after the Incident. Consequently, he is somewhat unfamiliar with technology. He suffered an intense fear of the monster "Despair from the Dark", which defeated him during the Incident, and was only able to get over this trauma with aid from Flame.

Following his inspiration by Playmaker, Blue Angel, and The Gore, he became fans of them, and he was saddened and angered to learn that Gore had joined SOL Technologies as a result. He became more cheerful and full of life, and as Soulburner more playful. He has a light relationship with Flame in comparison to Playmaker and Ai's initially more hostile one; playfully bantering with and teasing him, but never insulting him. While Dueling as Soulburner, Takeru is extremely hot-blooded and energetic, in comparison to being quieter in real life.



A young Takeru recovering in the hospital after the Lost Incident.

Takeru was one of six children kidnapped during the Lost Incident, during which he was subjected to experiments via VR Dueling.[3] During the Incident, he was defeated using the monster "Despair from the Dark", which caused him to develop an intense fear of that monster.[4] After being recused, he was taken to recover in the hospital. His grandparents came to visit him and later took him home, tearfully informing him that his parents had died in an accident while searching for him.[5]

Takeru deciding to take action.

Takeru lived with his grandparents for ten years, but often skipped school and believed his life had effectively been at a stand-still since the Lost Incident. He also gave up Dueling. After seeing news reports of Playmaker, Blue Angel and The Gore battling the Knights of Hanoi, he was inspired to take action himself and began Dueling again. He was contacted by Flame, an Ignis that was based on him that was created as a result of the Lost Incident. He was confronted by his friend, Kiku about skipping school and he informed her he was leaving and asked that she look after his grandparents for him. She agreed, saying he seemed much more full of life than usual. He departed with Flame in tow, wishing to aide his heroes.[5]

Lost Ignis[edit]

Soulburner and Flame observed Playmaker's Duel with a glowing Duelist; Soulburner noted that Flame's friend was with Playmaker. Flame asked him not to associate him with that airhead. When Haru sent two Duelists, Bit and Boot to deter Playmaker from pursuing him, Soulburner arrived to deal with them and allow Playmaker to continue pursuing Haru and Bohman.[6] Soulburner challenged Bit and Boot simultaneously, and they merged into a single Avatar, BitBoot for their Speed Duel.[7]

BitBoot demonstrated both Cyberse-Type monsters and the Link Spell Card "Judgment Arrows" as Bohman had, bringing out "D-Scale Battle Coela" and using it in combination with "D-Scale Torpedo" to move it around the field and inflict 1600 damage to Soulburner. Flame noted that they could only take the combo three more times before losing, and Soulburner reassured him that he could break it. He attempted to destroy "Judgment Arrows" with the effect of his "Salamangreat Foxy", but as BitBoot had activated it with their "Marker's Portal" Skill, it could not be destroyed by card effects. Despite this, Soulburner Link Summoned his ace monster, "Salamangreat Heatleo", using its effect to shuffle "Judgment Arrows" into the Deck before attacking and destroying "Battle Coela". On their next turn, BitBoot used their Skill again, despite normally only being able to use it once since Bit had used it the last turn and now Boot was using it this turn, reactivating "Judgment Arrows" in a zone that "D-Scale Fullmetal Dunkle" pointed to. "Fullmetal Dunkle" was so large that it damaged the buildings around them, but Soulburner was able to save himself and "Heatleo" with "Energy of Fire", which restored his LP and prevented the destruction of "Heatleo". Although he was pleased to draw "Monster Reincarnation" on his next turn, Soulburner's field was locked down by BitBoot's "D-Scale Chaff". Soulburner then used his own Skill, "Burning Draw", lowering his LP to 100 and drawing a card for every 1000 LP lost, drawing "Salamangreat Sanctuary", allowing him to Reincarnation Link Summon another "Heatleo" and once again shuffle "Judgment Arrows" into the Deck. BitBoot attempted to set up "Fullmetal Dunkle" to destroy "Heatleo" next turn, prompting Flame to cry that they were doomed. Soulburner replied that the match was already over, using the Reincarnated effect of "Heatleo" to make the ATK of "Fullmetal Dunkle" the same as that of the "Salamangreat Meer" in his Graveyard, lowering it enough for "Heatleo" to defeat them. Soulburner pursued Playmaker to the bottom of LINK VRAINS, where Haru and Bohman had escaped into the restricted area. As the area's defenses had been triggered, Soulburner suggested that they log out, and he told Playmaker his name and that they'd meet again before logging out.[7]

The next day, Takeru prepared to approach Yusaku at Den City High School. He passed Skye Zaizen in the corridor, noting that she was Blue Angel. Flame told him that the person she was talking to was Naoki Shima, aka Playmaker's "best friend", The Brave Battler, but Takeru didn't care. He nervously approached Yusaku, but ducked into a classroom when he apparently noticed him. Flame informed Takeru that he had sent a message to the DARK Ignis, and his decision making annoyed Takeru. Yusaku then approached them, and Takeru greeted him as Playmaker, prompting Yusaku to ask who he was. Takeru reassured Yusaku that he was his ally and revealed both that he was Soulburner and that he had an Ignis. Flame and Ai traded barbs about their names, before Flame suggested they relocate. Flame revealed to Yusaku that the Cyberse had been destroyed by a new enemy while they discussed whether to ally with humanity (Flame dissing Takeru's tech skills as he did) and that they were searching for the other Ignis. Flame revealed that the enemy that destroyed the Cyberse did so using "Judgment Arrows", suggesting that they might be the same people who kidnapped the consciousness data of one of the other Lost Incident victims, Jin Kolter. Flame suggested they work together, and Takeru decided that their priority was to find the escaped Bohman. They went to Jin's brother, Kal Kolter to ask where Bohman had escaped to, and Kolter served them coffee, welcoming them. Takeru sympathized with what Jin had gone through, and Kolter asked them to find the ones who had stolen his brother's consciousness. Takeru stated that they only had to ask, and Flame agreed that Takeru looked soft, but was really quite strong, prompting Takeru to mutter about how his partner thought he was better than him. Kolter revealed that Bohman had vanished in the Restricted Area, and that there was an unknown program there. Takeru didn't recognize it, and asked if Yusaku did (gaining first-name privileges with one another at the same time), and Flame and Ai realized that it was an Ignis program associated with the WIND Attribute. A hacker named Ghost Gal sent information to them about a gate in the Restricted Area leading to another world, in addition to a stealth program to get them into the Restricted Area, and despite Ai's fears that it was a trap, they decided to follow the lead.[3]

Soulburner and Playmaker logged in and quickly entered the Restricted Area using the stealth program. Playmaker thought that Ghost Gal really wanted them to get to the gate, but Soulburner, noticing the incoming Bounty Hunters, pointed out that this wasn't necessarily the case.[3] The Gore, Kenmochi and Yoroizaka pursued them, and Flame alerted them to a trap set by SOL Technologies. Soulburner and Playmaker were able to evade it, though Kenmochi and Yoroizaka were logged out. With only The Gore left, Soulburner asked Playmaker to allow him to handle this, stating that while a match between Playmaker and The Gore would be appealing, he didn't want to see the heroes of LINK VRAINS fight. Playmaker agreed, and Soulburner politely asked Gore for a Duel, revealing Flame to him to entice him. Gore agreed to Speed Duel, and Soulburner eagerly wondered how his hero would Duel. Flame pointed out that it was impossible to know due to Gore's continually evolving strategies, but they were surprised when Gore used his Skill right away and used a "Dinowrestler" Deck instead of his "Gouki" Deck. Excited by the new Deck, Soulburner opposed him with "Heatleo", but The Gore easily blocked his attacks, though this only delighted Soulburner. To his shock, Gore Link Summoned "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" and destroyed "Heatleo", ranting that he had to defeat Playmaker to be appreciated again and become number one. Hurt by his hero's words, Soulburner protested that The Gore in his heart wasn't a stepping stone, but a great Duelist who had given him hope when he was suffering, and he asked where that Gore was, rather than the lapdog of SOL Technologies he was Dueling.[8]

Soulburner decided that he wanted to fight the real Gore, as he had reasons why he couldn't lose too.[8] As he revived "Heatleo", they were suddenly attacked by SOL Technologies' traps again, and Soulburner was disappointed that Gore had stooped so low. Gore bitterly remarked that they thought low of him if they thought him responsible, and he protected Soulburner from one of the traps, yelling for them to be stopped. The attacks ceased as they moved deeper into the Restricted Area, and Flame noted that Gore wasn't responsible; Soulburner agreeing that The Gore he knew wouldn't do that. He Reincarnation Link Summoned "Heatleo" and weakened "King T Wrextle", prompting Flame to boast that this was Soulburner's special technique. Soulburner complained he was hogging the spotlight, but Flame claimed he was boasting in Soulburner's place to save face. Gore combined the effects of "K T Wrextle" and "World Dino Wrestling" to limit Soulburner's attacks and protect "King T Wrextle", and attacked "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" on his next turn. This allowed Soulburner to freely convert the ATK of "Heatleo" to LP with "Salamangreat Sanctuary" and survive the attack. Before drawing on his next turn, Soulburner reflected on his past and his recent change of outlook, then he used "Burning Draw" to draw an extra card, and he Ritual Summoned "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle" and Tributed "Heatleo" to activate its effect, allowing "Emerald Eagle" to instantly destroy "K T Wrextle" and inflict its ATK to Gore, defeating him. Soulburner approached the fallen Gore, offering him a hand up, but Gore ignored his hand. Soulburner told Gore that he was still a hero to him, and Gore sharply advised Soulburner that he couldn't win forever and that he'd lose and reveal his true self eventually. He logged out, and Flame commented that Gore must lose a lot to be such a sore loser, much to Soulburner's disapproval.[5]

After defeating The Gore, Soulburner met up with Playmaker in the depths of the Restricted Area, and they managed to enter the unknown world through the gate. Immediately after arriving, they were hit by strong winds, which forced Flame and Ai to protect them using Data Storms. At some point, the winds stopped, and they were able to reach a temple where they finally found the WIND Ignis. After showing them the world he had build, the Ignis (who decided to call himself "Windy") explained how he did that in order to attract his fellow Ignis, and also to lure the responsible for destroying the Cyberse World. Despite not knowing who was the responsible, Flame pointed out they were after Bohman, who not only had stolen Jin's consciousness, but also had the card used to destroy the Cyberse, and suggested he could've escaped to a world inside Windy's world. They then asked Windy to join them, which he promptly refused, as those statements had no evidence. However, Windy said he could weaken the winds near the area where Bohman supposedly escaped to, under the condition that Playmaker and Soulburner defeat the two invaders, Ghost Gal and an unknown partner.[9]

Upon making contact with the girls, Blue Girl presented herself as actually being Blue Angel. Soulburner was happy to meet another savior of the old Link VRAINS, but Blue Girl stated they were actually seeking to retrieve the Ignis. While both Playmaker and Ghost Gal were willing to solve the situation without Dueling, Soulburner accepted Blue Girl's challenge.[9] Knowing of Blue Girl's Trickstar Deck and its burn tactics, Soulburner attempted to take the first turn by challenging Blue Girl to a small race, but was overwhelmed by the terrain and lost. From the very beginning of the Duel, Blue Girl was planning ahead to counter his strategies of swarming the field with "Salamangreat" monsters, and his Skill. Soulburner was pushed into a corner by all accumulated burn damage caused by "Trickstar Divaridis" and "Trickstar Lycoris", and even "Salamangreat Heatleo" was unable to destroy them due to Blue Girl using "Trickstar Calobane". Despite making no progress, Flame still assured him that they had an advantage, since Soulburner had Flame himself by his side. After nearly being defeated by Blue Girl's Fusion Monster, "Trickstar Band Sweet Guitar", Soulburner listened to Flame's advice and used his Skill, managing to draw "Fusion of Fire". By using it, he fused "Heatleo" and Blue Girl's "Divaridis" into "Salamangreat Violet Chimera". In the final attack, Blue Girl attempted to reduce the damage by using "Calobane" again, but this was predicted and countered by Soulburner, who used the effect of "Violet Chimera" to double its ATK, and drop her LP to 0 in a single attack. After the Duel, he approached the fallen Blue Girl to compliment her for becoming much stronger, before forcing her log out. Ghost Gal then returned, amazed by the Duel's outcome and aware she wouldn't be able to go any further without her partner. Flame then gave her a copy of Blue Girl's evacuation program, allowing Ghost Gal to log out safely.[10]


Cyberse Beatdown[edit]

Takeru (as Soulburner) with "Salamangreat Heatleo".

Takeru uses a Cyberse Beatdown Deck[1], focused on the "Salamangreat" archetype. His Skill is "Burning Draw", which allows him to give up LP to draw more cards, so he includes cards that restore his LP. His "Salamangreat" monsters often have effects to Special Summon themselves from the Graveyard, allowing him to amass them to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo". Takeru can also use Ritual Summoning, Fusion Summoning, Xyz Summoning and Reincarnation Link Summoning to bring out stronger monsters.


Over the course of the series, some of the cards used by Soulburner have been changed with regards to their effect or type. This is the list of cards which he used previously.



In the past, Takeru played a different Deck, focused on FIRE Warrior monsters.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ryujiro Mizunuma 61, 63 Win (flashback)
BitBoot 49 Win
George Gore/The Gore 51-52 Win
Skye Zaizen/Blue Girl 56 Win
Kengo Dojun/Blood Shepherd 62-63 No result
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 84 No result
BitBoot 86 Win
Windy 88-89 Win
Bohman 94-95 Lose
Ai 106, 108 Win
Roboppi 112-114 Win
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 115-??? TBD


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