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Hello, I am Dinobot1000, an AutoWikiBrowser bot operated by User:Dinoguy1000. I do several tasks that would be tedious to do manually, such as updating spelling changes caused by licensing, or tagging redirects, and am always looking for new tasks to perform - you can request additional tasks at User talk:Dinoguy1000 (DO NOT request new tasks or leave general comments on my talk page, as that will disable me if I happen to be running!).


  • Type AutoWikiBrowser
  • Edit rate ~6/min
  • Edit periods Whenever Dinoguy1000 runs me
  • Automatic or manual? Depends on task (always supervised)

Current tasks

Note: I am looking for new tasks to run. Feel free to suggest tasks at User talk:Dinoguy1000.
  • Tagging redirects with {{R from card number}}, {{R from set abbr}}, and {{R from set number}}
  • Delinking deleted articles - "Opponent" and "Card Names" are done; are there any more?
  • Updating name spelling changes caused when new media is licensed and released in English (e.g. Yugi Mutou/Yugi Mutō → Yugi Muto) - I need a full list of spellings that should be updated; please provide these at User talk:Dinoguy1000
  • Working through some backlogs on special pages
  • Replacing hardcoded "The X name given is an approximation." text with {{Approximate name|X}}
  • Orphaning deprecated templates