-Eyes Dragon

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-Eyes Dragon
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", the two original members of the series.
"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", the two original members of the series.
  • アイズ・ドラゴン
  • Aizu Doragon (romanized)
  • Dragon aux Yeux
  • Äugiger/Augen-Drache
  • Drago Occhi
  • 아이즈 드래곤
  • Aijeu Deuraegon (romanized)
  • 눈의 륭
  • Nun-ui Ryong (romanized)
  • Dragão de Olhos
  • Dragón de Ojos
Anime appearances
Manga appearances

-Eyes Dragon is a series of mostly Dragon monsters containing many sub-archetypes. Multiple characters across all series and mediums in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise use members of this series, and this series has itself become a major recurring theme.

Due to their Japanese names, "Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon" and "Hundred Eyes Dragon" are not included in this series.


Members of this series are for the most part Dragons, with the exception of the Machine "Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon" and "Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon" in addition to the Zombie "Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon", "Red-Eyes Zombie Necro Dragon", and "Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Lord". The majority of the members of this series follow the naming convention "X-Eyes Y Dragon".

The central card of each individual archetype (the one that the archetype is based around or based on) is always a Level/Rank 7 or 8. This central card will also have 3000 ATK and 2500 DEF, except in the case of "Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon" and "Red-Eyes Black Dragon", with an ATK/DEF of 2500/2000 and 2400/2000, respectively.


Archetype Central card User(s)
"Blue-Eyes" "Blue-Eyes White Dragon"
"Red-Eyes" "Red-Eyes Black Dragon"
"Super Defense Robot" "Googly-Eyes Drum Dragon" Orbital 7