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60 Card Set[1][2] is term used to describe a series of TCG Booster Packs. They contain cards new to the TCG, which may include both imports of OCG-only cards and TCG premieres, as well as reprints. The TCG counterparts of the OCG's Deck Build Pack and Booster SP series are also considered to be 60 Card Sets.[1][2] Booster Packs equivalent to Deck Build Packs tend to follow the bi-annual release of its OCG versions, delayed by a few months, while those that aren't follow an annual schedule.

Despite its name, some Booster Packs which do not have exactly 60 cards (e.g., King's Court) are also considered to be part of this series.

The original 60 Card Sets are the following:

The TCG-equivalent of Deck Build Packs are:


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