8000 B.C. Nazca battle

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The Nazca battle which took place in the eight Millennium B.C. consisted of the Crimson Dragon battling the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.[1]


Red Nova[edit]

Crimson Dragon[edit]




The Legendary Signer facing Red Nova.

The Crimson Dragon and its five servants all fought the Crimson Devil, Red Nova.[1]

From the fires of a volcano, a male Signer appeared. He bore the full Mark of the Dragon on the left of his chest. He performed a miracle when he faced the Crimson Devil: The Signer took the Crimson Dragon's power, through Blazing Soul and used it to fight the Devil, defeating it and sealing it.[1]

References to the battle[edit]

10,000 years later when Jack Atlas faced Red Nova's servant, the Familiar in a ritual Duel, where the Familiar attempted to resurrect Red Nova. Greiger noticed similarities between Jack and the Legendary Signer, as Jack spoke of having a Blazing Soul. Jack also used the Blazing Soul ability to absorb the Crimson Devil's power and defeat the Familiar.[1]


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