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For the "Dracoslayer" monster, see "Ignister Prominence, the Blasting Dracoslayer".
Ai with "Earth Golem", "Dark Templar", "Wind Pegasus", "Fire Phoenix", "Light Dragon" and "Water Leviathan"
  • アットイグニスター
  • @イグニスター (base)
  • アットイグニスター (ruby)
  • Atto Igunisutā (romanized)

  • @Ignister

  • @Ignister

  • @Ignister

  • @이그니스터
  • @이그니스터 (base)
  • 앳이그니스터 (ruby)
  • Aet Igeuniseuteo (romanized)

  • @Ignister

  • @Ignister


OCG Sets


Anime appearances

@Ignister (アットイグニスター Atto Igunisutā) is an archetype of Cyberse monsters used by Ai in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. They are supported by the "A.I." archetype.


The Deck consists of multiple Cyberse monsters with various shapes and forms. The fodder monsters resemble blobs with different designs, but with coloration resembling that of the Ignis. By contrast, the boss monsters have more defined traits.

Members like Dark Templar @Ignister and some associated like Linguriboh are essentially corrupted versions of monsters used by Playmaker (Decode Talker and Linkuriboh, respectively). On top of that, all but one of the archetype's boss monsters have 2300 ATK, a direct reference to the "Code Talkers". The only exception is The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister, which is more of a counterpart to Yusaku's Firewall Dragon Darkfluid.

All "@Ignister" monsters have a common symbol, which is an irregularly shaped blue ring on their bodies, which resembles an "@" symbol.

The Deck represents Ai's memories of himself and his fellow Ignis, before the latter were terminated.


The Main Deck "@Ignister" monsters have at least 1 card for each different Attribute except DIVINE; six "blob" monsters that each represent the Ignis of each Attribute, as well as three monsters that represent Ai himself (in addition to "Dark Templar @Ignister") and two other characters that Ai met in his life. There is also a set of 6 Extra Deck (and 1 Ritual) "boss monsters" for each Attribute that has 2300 ATK, except for "The Arrival Cyberse" with 0 ATK. Later on, "Dark Infant @Ignister" was added to the archetype, a support Link Monster that resembles a smaller, "immature" version of "The Arrival Cyberse".

The Main Deck "@Ignister" monsters are each named after a Japanese onomatopoeia that relates to their Attribute, while the Extra Deck monsters (except for "The Arrival Cyberse") are named after mythical creatures (and a knight) that are usually associated with their respective card's Attribute in fantasy fiction.

Attribute Character Effect Monster Onomatopoeia Counterpart Origin
DARK.svg DARK Ai Doyon "Gloomy..." Dark Templar Knight
Danmari "Silent..." None
EARTH.svg EARTH Earth Doshin "Thud!" Earth Golem Golem
Roboppi Gatchiri "Protect!" None None
Pandor Gussari "Strike!" None None
FIRE.svg FIRE Flame Achichi "Hot!" Fire Phoenix Phoenix
LIGHT.svg LIGHT Lightning Pikari "Sparkling!" Light Dragon Dragon
WATER.svg WATER Aqua Hiyari "Chilly!" Water Leviathan Leviathan
WIND.svg WIND Windy Bururu "Shivering!" Wind Pegasus Pegasus

Playing style[edit]

The effects of the Main Deck monsters aid in generating advantage; those that correspond with a more specific Summoning method support that method and often have Special Summoning effects, while those corresponding to a less specific Summon method focus on other methods of card advantage.

In the anime, the Extra Deck monsters require using a monster as the same Attribute as material for their Summon. Their effects are generally stronger when the player controls multiple "@Ignister" monsters, and they have a strong focus on allowing their effects to activate through successful battle.

The primary combo of an "@Ignister" Deck is to activate "Ignister A.I.Land" and use its effect to continually Special Summon "@Ignister" monsters to the field for use as Link Material for "Dark Templar @Ignister", then via the effect of "A.I.Land", Special Summon a monster to a zone that "Dark Templar" points to, triggering its effect to revive as many Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" to the zones that it points to. The release of "Dark Infant @Ignister" has bolstered this strategy even further; in addition to searching "Ignister A.I.Land" upon its Link Summon, "Dark Infant" can be Link Summoned to a zone "Dark Templar" points to to trigger the latter's revival effect, while the second effect of "Dark Infant" can then move itself to the zone it points to and change its Attribute, thereby not only allowing "Dark Templar" to revive up to three "@Ignister" monsters, but also providing a different Attribute for use in Link Summoning the Deck's most powerful monster; "The Arrival Cyberse @Ignister". Using "Dark Infant" to search "Ignister A.I.Land" also allows for more reliable flexibility in using the effect of "Pikari @Ignister" to search for "A.I." Spells and Traps.