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Ai with "Earth Golem", "Dark Templar", "Wind Pegasus", "Fire Phoenix", "Light Dragon" and "Water Leviathan"
  • アットイグニスター
  • @イグニスター (base)
  • アットイグニスター (ruby)
  • Atto Igunisutā (romanized)

  • @Ignister

  • @Ignister

  • @Ignister

  • @이그니스터
  • @이그니스터 (base)
  • 앳이그니스터 (ruby)
  • Aet Igeuniseuteo (romanized)

  • @Ignister

  • @Ignister


OCG Sets


Anime appearances

@Ignister (アットイグニスター Atto Igunisutā) is an archetype of Cyberse monsters used by Ai in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. They are supported by the "A.I." archetype.


The Main Deck "@Ignister" monsters have at least 1 card for each different Attribute except DIVINE. There is also 1 Extra Deck "boss monster" for each Attribute that has 2300 ATK, except for "The Arrival Cyberse" with 0 ATK.

Attribute Effect Monster Counterpart
DARK.svg DARK Doyon Dark Templar
EARTH.svg EARTH Doshin Earth Golem
FIRE.svg FIRE Achichi Fire Phoenix
LIGHT.svg LIGHT Pikari Light Dragon
WATER.svg WATER Hiyari Water Leviathan
WIND.svg WIND Bururu Wind Pegasus

Playing style[edit]

The effects of the Main Deck monsters aid in generating advantage; those that correspond with a more specific Summoning method support that method and often have Special Summoning effects, while those corresponding to a less specific Summon method focus on other methods of card advantage.

In the anime, the Extra Deck monsters require using a monster as the same Attribute as material for their Summon. Their effects are generally stronger when the player controls multiple "@Ignister" monsters, and they have a strong focus on allowing their effects to activate through successful battle.

Recommended cards