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The A.I. Dueling Chip, known as a Duel A.I. Implant Chip in the Japanese version, was a piece of technology created by researchers at SOL Technologies in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. By implanting the chip in the brain, it allows the bearer to become one with the chip's A.I., heightening their Dueling capabilities. However, it places tremendous strain on the user and was shown to be very experimental. George Gore became its first test subject, and while his Dueling skills successfully improved, the process took a severe toll on his sanity and health until the chip was removed.


While the chip is implanted, the user can perceive another world and realm of possibility. Via the ability "Brain Hack", they can consciously improve their Dueling skills to successive levels; Gore demonstrated both a base level, second level, and maximum level; "Brain Hack Overlimit". Various physical symptoms correspond to Brain Hack; the first time Gore used it, electricity crackled over his body and his irises glowed orange; when he used its second level, the veins around his eyes bulged. The A.I. allowed Gore to create a new Skill; "Anti Skill", which generally required skilled hackers to accomplish previously.[1]

It is also possible to implant successive A.I. in the chip; following his dissection, Earth's decompiled remains were placed into the chip and allowed Gore to use some of his card data, such as "G Golem Crystal Heart". This allows the eyes of his Avatar to take on a similar appearance to the eye forms of the Ignis.[2]

As the chip was still experimental, it ultimately took a severe toll on Gore's body, in combination with his deteriorating sanity causing him to become entirely focused on defeating Playmaker. He lost a severe amount of weight in a matter of days and his skin became pallid and unhealthy.[3] Gore effectively went insane while he had the chip implanted in him and dismissed everything but his mission to capture the Ignis and defeat Playmaker, and he became cruel and ruthless, believing himself to be above the Dueling of normal humans. After he lost to Playmaker again, Gore almost died, but Akira Zaizen saved him by logging him out.[4]

Fortunately, the effects of the chip are not permanent. Gore removed the chip after seeing the children from Den City's orphanage watching him in hospital, and his sanity returned to normal and he began gaining weight back.[5]


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