A.I. Restaurant

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The A.I. Restaurant.

The A.I. Restaurant (エーアイレストラン Ēai Resutoran) is a restaurant in Goha City in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS. As the name implies, its food is cooked by a new advanced A.I.


A super-elite A.I supervises everything in the store, which is reportedly designed to allow customers to enjoy themselves whether they're alone or with family. The store uses facial recognition to screen customers, eliminating any disruptive customers; this can range from potential troublemakers, chronic complainers, or loud individuals. It has considerable range; stocking healthy cooking for health-conscious customers and protein-based cooking for those worried about their muscles. At the time of its opening, the prices were considerably cheap due to the opening marketing campaign (around 66 yen). Despite the secrecy surrounding entering the restaurant in the first place, the shop also allows pictures to be taken freely, so it is reportedly popular with female customers.[1]


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