Rocket Pilder

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Rocket Pilder
Roketto Pairudā
Card type Spell
Property Equip
Password 27863269
Effect types


While the equipped monster is attacking, it cannot be destroyed by battle. At the end of the Damage Step, if the equipped monster attacked: The attack target loses ATK equal to the ATK of the equipped monster, until the End Phase.

English sets


2010-02-12ABPF-EN051Absolute PowerforceCommon
2013-06-28BP02-EN157Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsCommon
Mosaic Rare

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Roquette Autoguidée

Lorsque le monstre équipé attaque, il ne peut pas être détruit au combat. À la fin de la Damage Step, si le monstre équipé a attaqué : jusqu'à la End Phase, la cible de l'attaque perd une ATK égale à l'ATK du monstre équipé.

German Raketenpilder

Solange das ausgerüstete Monster angreift, kann es nicht durch Kampf zerstört werden. (Führe die Schadensberechnung normal durch.) Am Ende des Damage Steps, wenn das ausgerüstete Monster angreift, verliert das angegriffene Monster bis zur End Phase ATK in Höhe der ATK des ausgerüsteten Monsters.

Italian Pilder Razzo

Mentre il mostro equipaggiato sta attaccando, esso non può essere distrutto in battaglia. Alla fine del Damage Step, se il mostro equipaggiato ha attaccato: il bersaglio dell'attacco perde ATK pari all'ATK del mostro equipaggiato, fino alla End Phase.

Portuguese Foguete Pilder

Enquanto o monstro equipado estiver atacando, ele não pode ser destruído em batalha. No final da Etapa de Dano, se o monstro equipado atacou: até a Fase Final, o alvo do ataque perde ATK igual ao ATK do monstro equipado.

Spanish Cohete de Comando

Mientras el monstruo equipado esté atacando, no puede ser destruido en batalla. Al final del Damage Step, si el monstruo equipado atacó: el objetivo del ataque pierde ATK igual al ATK del monstruo equipado, hasta la End Phase.

Japanese ロケット・パイルダー


Roketto Pairudā
Korean 로켓 파일더

장착 몬스터가 공격할 경우, 장착 몬스터는 전투로는 파괴되지 않는다. 장착 몬스터가 공격을 실행한 데미지 스텝 종료시, 장착 몬스터의 공격을 받은 몬스터의 공격력은, 엔드 페이즈시까지 장착 몬스터의 공격력만큼 내린다.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2010-02-11ABPF-FR051Absolute PowerforcePuissance AbsolueCommon
2013-06-27BP02-FR157Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: La Guerre des GéantsCommon
Mosaic Rare


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2010-02-11ABPF-DE051Absolute PowerforceAbsolute PowerforceCommon
2013-06-27BP02-DE157Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: War of the GiantsCommon
Mosaic Rare


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2010-02-11ABPF-IT051Absolute PowerforcePotere AssolutoCommon
2013-06-27BP02-IT157Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: Guerra dei GigantiCommon
Mosaic Rare


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2013-06-28BP02-PT157Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsPacote de Batalha 2: Guerra dos GigantesCommon
Mosaic Rare


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2010-02-11ABPF-SP051Absolute PowerforceFuerza AbsolutaCommon
2013-06-27BP02-SP157Battle Pack 2: War of the GiantsBattle Pack 2: Guerra de los GigantesCommon
Mosaic Rare


ReleaseNumberSetJapanese nameRarity
2009-11-14ABPF-JP051Absolute Powerforceアブソリュート・パワーフォースCommon


ReleaseNumberSetKorean nameRarity
2010-02-23ABPF-KR051Absolute Powerforce절대적인 힘Common

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