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The dorm in its current state

The Abandoned Dorm, also known in Japan as the old Blue Dorm, is a setting in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX anime[edit]

The dorm before its abandonment, in Atticus' memory
Amnael's laboratory in the dorm's basement

A year before the events of the anime, Atticus Rhodes, Yusuke Fujiwara and a few other Obelisk Blue students stayed in this dorm, but over time, they vanished.[1] After the disappearance of these students, many tried to find them, but to no avail and the other students were later prohibited from entering the dorm.[2] A cover-up story was fed to the public, which stated that the missing students were in a Duel research program abroad.[3] The official files of the missing students were stored in the dorm in order to hide them, since no one was permitted to enter.[4]

Yusuke performed a ritual to summon Nightshroud in the dorm. This pulled him to the World of Darkness and infected the dorm with dark powers. Atticus received Nightshroud's mask from Yusuke as a parting gift after witnessing this.[1] As a result, Atticus was eventually chosen by Kagemaru to be one of the Shadow Riders. Upon his reappearance, he was saved by Jaden Yuki.[5] Lyman Banner, who had aided Kagemaru's plot, would later state that he and Kagemaru were unaware where Atticus received Nightshroud's influence from.[1] Banner had used the basement of the dorm as his personal alchemy lab, including a resting place for his original body.[6]

Both Chancellor Sheppard himself[4] and a reporter named Gerard later dedicated themselves to solving the mystery.[7] The dorm would later be destroyed by Honest, the Spirit Partner of Fujiwara, in his quest to find out what happened to his master.[8]

Due to Fujiwara's ritual, it appears that the dorm was imbued with some form of shadow magic. The angry spirits of the dorm were able to start a real Shadow Game mid-way through Jaden's Duel with Titan, who had been holding a faux Shadow Game before that. Upon his loss, he was pulled into a different World of Darkness.[2] After Jaden's defeat of Kagemaru, the remaining students were released.[1]

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga[edit]

The Abandoned Dorm in the manga

The dorm has also made an appearance in the manga, as the setting where Reggie MacKenzie Dueled against both Midori Hibiki and Jaden.[9]


  • Its unknown why the dorm was left alone for a year; when there was no evidence of the missing students (or their remains) being in it. It should have been demolished long before Honest destroyed it three years after it was abandoned.
    • The punishment of expulsion for entering it was just a cover to keep the students from investigating and getting Duel Academy into trouble.


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