Abandoned amusement park

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The lizard geoglyph appearing over the park

The abandoned amusement park is a location in Satellite within the B.A.D. One of the control towers for sealing the Doorway to the Netherworld is located here.


Among the attractions at the amusement park are:

  • A Ferris wheel
  • A roller coaster
  • A Monster World game
  • A hall of mirrors

The entrance is lined with giant Monster World creatures.


When the Dark Signers attempted to open the Door to the Netherworld, Misty Tredwell guarded the control tower at the amusement park. Hidden within the hall of mirrors, Misty Dueled Akiza, who could only face Misty's reflections. Outside Sayer was disguised as a detective and managed to trap Mina Simington and Yusei Fudo in a cellar, which began to fill up with water.

Leaving Yusei and Mina to drown, Sayer went to Akiza and recited a chant, changing her to her "Black Rose" persona. Akiza then Summoned "Black Rose Dragon" shattering the mirrors and revealing Misty's true location (the scene of this happening is removed in the dub).

Trudge managed to save Yusei and Mina from the cellar. Yusei went to confront Sayer and managed to put Sayer on a hidden loudspeaker as he revealed his evil intentions and that he was responsible for Toby Tredwell's death. In the meantime, Misty also managed to Summon "Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua". As Sayer gloated, Misty overheard him speaking, and then Ccarayhua picked him up and swallowed him. Misty then apologized to Akiza, but her Earthbound Immortal caught her trying to forfeit, after which Misty became possessed.

Akiza managed to defeat Misty, but was unable to seal the control tower in time.