Acid Trap Hole (DDS)

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Acid Trap Hole
Ryūsan no Tamatta Otoshiana
Sulfuric-Acid-Filled Pitfall
Card type Trap
Number 685
Deck Cost 10

Destroys monster with ATK ≤ 3000

Password 41356845

Obtained by

"Acid Trap Hole" can be obtained via random drop from the following characters. The chance of winning it is listed as a percentage and a probability out of 2048.

Character % 2048th
Heishin 1.37 28
Isis Ishtar 1.46 30
Simon Muran 1.17 24
Solomon Muto 0.78 16
DarkNite 1.61 33
Seto 1.17 24

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese りゅうさんのたまったおとしあな あいてのこうげきが3000いかのとき さんのおとしあなにはまり しょうめつ
Japanese translated Sulfuric-Acid-Filled Pitfall When an opposing monster's Attack Factor is 3000 or lower, it falls into the pit of acid and is destroyed.