Capsule Monsters Glossary

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Your team is the set of monsters you are using.


In the beginning you have to choose what king you want, Dark or Light light helps light, electric and dark helps Earth.

Monster Cost[edit]

MP is Monster Cost in the start of the game you have to choose which monsters you want and how many MP amount you will have

Hit Points[edit]

Is how much damage a monster can sustain before being destroyed.

Damage Value[edit]

It is how many HP lost the other monster lost from an attack.

Special Ability[edit]

Monsters have Special Abilities


Factions are types such as Dark, Light, Electric, and Earth; some take +1 bonus damage when the other Electric, Light, Earth, and Dark Earth attack a monster that is weak against.

Move and Attack[edit]


Is the amount of spaces that your monster can attack from.


Is the amount of action points used to attack or move.


A monster with the (+) symbol means that it moves in a horizontal and vertical direction. The (X) symbol means that it moves in a diagonal direction. The (O) symbol means that it moves in all directions.

Special Ability[edit]

Monsters have special effects like the Yugioh Card game.

Monster Points[edit]

You start off with ... Monster Points, You pay these to summon a monster the by the amount stated as Monster points.This is long MP.

Action Points[edit]

You start off with 40 action points you pay these to attack and move.

Level-2 Monsters[edit]

Level-2 Monsters are identified by having (2) at the end of their names. These can only be included on your team if they have the same Faction as your King