Activates at the beginning of the Duel

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This search category entry details every Skill that activates at the beginning of a Duel.

Skills that activate at the beginning of the Duel[edit]

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
A Card Entrusted
A New Power!
ATK Booster: Level 2
Arcana Swap
Arrival of the Earthbound Immortal
Avenger & Doom Dragon
Avenger from the Void
Blowing Up Yosen
Call of the Magician Girls
Cheater's Coin
Command of the Doom King
Courage and Strength
Cubic Seeds
Curse of the Masked Beast (Skill)
Cyber Style Evolution
D.D. King
Dark Tuning 100
Deck Master Effect: Cyber Commander
Destiny Board of Doom
Dice of Orgoth the Relentless
Dinosaur Kingdom (Duel Links)
Divine Artifacts
Dragonic Fusion
Duel, standby!
Duels of Babylon
Elements Unite!
End of the World (Skill)
Fairy Returns
Fields of the Warriors
Fight on the Front Lines
Fusioning Maestra
Future Fortune
Gem Dragon Go!
Gimmick Puppet: Burial
Gimmick Puppet: Funeral
Grandpa's Cards
Grit (Duel Links)
HERO Alliance
Handless Combo 100
Handless Combo Infinity
Heavy Starter
Heavystrong Style
Holy Guard
I Was Quicker Than You
Incarnation: Sphere Mode
It's a Toon Kingdom
It's a Toon World
King of the Underworldすべてのおうをもべるごくじゅうちん
LP Boost Ω