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This search category entry details every Skill that activates at the beginning of a turn.

Skills that activate at the beginning of the turn[edit]

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Alternative White Dragon Advent
Amazoness Tactics
Ancient Fairy Rescue
Angel Baton
Battle Fusion!
Black Flower Bloom
Blue-Eyes Advent
Cheer Up Fairies (event Skill)
Cyber Dragon Reboot
Cycle of Doom
Dark Horizon (event Skill)
Dark Magic of Chaos
Dark Magician the Dragon Knight Advent
Decisive Crystal Beasts
Descend, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon!
Destiny Draw (Skill)
Destiny Draw: Monster Reborn
Destruction and Creation
Dino DNA!
Do you believe everything that you see?
Earth-Shattering Power
End of Destiny
Fortune Booster
Gagaga Academy After School Club
Hero Flash!! (Skill)
I Will Change Fate!
I Will Squash You Like a Pest!
Light Barrier (Skill)
Machine Angel Ritual: Vrash
Majestic Star Advent
Major Motor
Masked Beast Advent
Middle Age Mechs
Miracle Hero
Neo-Spacian Onslaught
Neutralization (event Skill)
Offering to the Immortals (Skill)
Our New Bond (Antinomy)
Our New Bond (Yusei)
Overload Fusion Support
Power of the Sacred Beasts
Rainbow Over
Return of the Dragon Lords (Skill)
Rising Sun Double Slash!
Shark's Pride
Silent Advent
Silent Swordsman Advent
Slash Dragon Advent
Smile bright!
Spiritual Swords of Revealing Light (Skill)