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"Adamancipator Friends"
  • アダマシア
  • Adamashia (romanized)
  • Adamassiah (translated)
  • Inflexcipateur
  • Steinbefreier
  • Irremovibilatore
  • Adamancipador
  • Adamancipador
Manga appearances

"Adamancipator", known in Japan as "Adamassiah" (アダマシア Adamashia), is an archetype of Rock monsters which debuted in Deck Build Pack: Secret Slayers. It is a Synchro Archetype comprised of mostly Level 4 monsters of different attributes and two Level 2 EARTH monsters. They are used by Anna Des in Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures.


The archetype's card artworks tell the story of a trio of cave explorers exploring a magical cave, where they find and unseal magical beasts encased in crystals, who reveal their true forms and bond with their liberators.

The archetype's monsters are divided into three sub-groups:

  • The monsters simply named "Adamancipator" are the cave explorers. They are low-Level EARTH Rock Tuner monsters with ATK and DEF that add up to 2200, with two being Level 2 and one being Level 4. They share the effect to excavate the top 5 cards of the Deck and Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Rock non-Tuner monster from the cards excavated.
  • The "Adamancipator Crystal" monsters are the crystal-encased magical beasts. They are Level 4 Rock non-tuner monsters of FIRE, WATER, and WIND Attributes with 0 ATK and 2200 DEF. They trigger positive effects when they're summoned by "Adamancipator" cards, and they share a GY effect that recycles a Synchro Monster of their attribute and returns themselves to the top of the Deck.
  • The "Adamancipator Risen" monsters are the unsealed forms of the crystalline beasts, with explorers riding on top of them. They are high-Level Synchro versions of the "Adamancipator Crystal" monsters, sharing their FIRE, WATER, and WIND, Attributes. They have individual effects that involve excavation, as well as Quick Effects that can be used if a monster of their Attribute is in the GY.


The archetype's name is a portmanteau of adamant and messiah (in Japanese) or emancipator (in English).

Most cards in the archetype have names in Japanese that feature the kanji 「きゅう」 (Makyū), literally "Magic Salvation", but in all cases they are assigned with the "Adamassiah" reading.

The kanji name of "Adamancipator Crystal" is 「きゅうせき」 (Makyū no Kiseki), and means "Rare Stone of Magic Salvation". The kanji name of "Adamancipator Risen" is the homophonous 「きゅうせき」 (Makyū no Kiseki), and means "Miracle of Magic Salvation".


Adamancipator Crystal Risen Attribute
Analyzer Dragite Dragite WATER.svg WATER
Researcher Raptite Raptite WIND.svg WIND
Seeker Leonite Leonite FIRE.svg FIRE

Playing style[edit]

The "Adamancipator" archetype revolves around excavating the top cards of the player's Deck to perform beneficial actions, with a general Synchro and Link Summoning-based swarming and combo playstyle. The usage of excavation effect, in particular by the "Adamancipator" Tuner monsters, reflects their lore as cave explorers; they 'explore' (excavate) into 'caves' (the player's Deck) and 'discover' (Special Summon) magical crystal monsters.

Each "Adamancipator" Tuner monster has an only once per turn effect to excavate the top 5 cards of the player's Deck, and Special Summon an excavated Level 4 or lower Rock non-Tuner monster. This shared effect enables rapid swarming of Rock monsters, with the downside of potential inconsistency due to random chance. Summoning "Adamancipator" Tuners and successfully resolving their individual excavation effects as many times as possible is central to the deck's swarming and combo capabilities.

Each "Adamancipator" Tuner has another effect that lets them Special Summon themselves from the hand, if conditions are met.

Adamancipator Level Attribute Special Summon Conditions
Analyzer 4 EARTH EARTH.svg If only your opponent controls a monster.
Researcher 2 If you control a Rock monster, except "Adamancipator Researcher".
Seeker If you control an "Adamancipator" monster, except "Adamancipator Seeker".

In-archetype, the intended targets for the "Adamancipator" Tuner monsters' excavation effects are the "Adamancipator Crystal" monsters, who can trigger a positive effect upon being summoned by "Adamancipator" cards. Each of them also have a GY effect that lets them recycle themselves, along with a Synchro monster with their Attribute (in-archetype, this can be their "Adamancipator Risen" counterparts), from the GY back into the Deck.

Crystal Level Attribute Trigger Effect
Dragite 4 WATER WATER.svg Draw 1 card.
Raptite WIND WIND.svg Place 1 Rock monster from your hand or GY on top of the Deck.
Leonite FIRE FIRE.svg Place 1 "Adamancipator" card from your hand or GY on top of the Deck.

The "Adamancipator Risen" are the main boss monsters of the archetype. Each of them have two effects: one Ignition Effect involving excavating 5 cards from the top of the Deck, and a Quick Effect that requires another monster with their Attribute in the GY to be used.

Risen Level Attribute Ignition Effect (Excavate 5) Quick Effect Summary
Dragite 8 WATER WATER.svg Return cards your opponent controls to the hand, up to the number of excavated Rock monsters. When your opponent activates a Spell/Trap Card or effect, you can negate the activation and destroy it.
Raptite 6 WIND WIND.svg Special Summon 1 excavated Rock monster in Defense Position. During your opponent's turn, you can target and banish 1 card in your opponent's GY.
Leonite FIRE FIRE.svg Add 1 excavated "Adamancipator" card to your hand. During your opponent's turn, you can target and Special Summon 1 Rock monster in your GY.

In terms of Spell and Trap support, all of the archetype's Spells provide extra consistency for finding and resolving the effects of "Adamancipator" Tuner monsters, by placing cards on the top of the Deck and situationally searching or recovering individual Rock monsters. The archetype's Trap cards supplement their effect lineup with card destruction and monster effect negation, which the "Adamancipator Risen" monsters lack.

Externally, many non-"Adamancipator" Rock monsters can also be summoned by "Adamancipator" Tuners, allowing much more varied deck builds.

Generally, an "Adamancipator" deck aims to maximize the "Adamancipator" Tuners' excavation effects, in order to swarm the field and perform Synchro and Link Summoning combos with the swarmed materials. The inherent randomness and inconsistency within the the excavation effects is typically addressed in one of two ways: including and using "Adamancipator" Spell cards, or by fine-tuning deck composition to include a critical mass of Rock monsters. "Adamancipator" end boards typically include "Adamancipator Risen - Dragite", along with other high-power generic boss monsters such as "Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess", "Borreload Savage Dragon", or "Accesscode Talker".

The deck at its peak performance relied heavily on "Block Dragon" to search out "Adamancipator" Tuner monsters and provide extra extenders for even bigger boards, making the deck extremely resilient, consistent, and powerful. Following the ban of "Block Dragon" in the TCG, the TCG deck has had to rely on other less consistent support engines, though "Block Dragon" is not banned in the OCG.

Recommended cards[edit]


  • Cards that prevent the Activation of Effects in hand such as "Mind Drain" slow down this deck's swarm capability as the Normal Summon is used to Summon the Tuners instead.


  • "Dwimmered Path" and "Dwimmered Glimmer" are suggested to share a lore connection with the "Adamancipator" archetype, as their card arts feature caves similar to the one seen in "Adamancipator Laputite", and the corresponding word for "Dwimmered" in their names, "きゅう" (Kyūma, literally "Spell Salvation") is an anagram of the kanji characters used for the word "Adamassiah" in the "Adamancipator" cards' OCG names, "きゅう" (Makyū).