Adds Pendulum Zones to your field

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This search category entry details every Skill that adds Pendulum Zones to the player's field.

Skills that adds Pendulum Zones to your field[edit]

 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Blowing Up Yosen
Command of the Doom King
D.D. King
End of the World (Skill)
King of the Underworldすべてのおうをもべるごくじゅうちん
Odd-Eyes Evolutionオッドアイズ・エボリューション
Pendulum Change: Basic
Pendulum Gazersペンデュラム・ゲイザー
Super Star of Abyss Actor
Swing Into Action: Pendulum Summon!ひかりせきペンデュラムしょうかん
Sylvio's Showstopping Performance
Turning Up the Heatしくもうつくしくかがやふたいろまなこ
Waiting for Abyss Actors