Ageha Yusa

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Ageha Yusa
Ageha Yusa
Japanese アゲハ
Base遊佐 アゲハ
Furiganaゆさ アゲハ
RōmajiYusa Ageha
BirthAugust 8[1]
  • 1.62 m <br />5.315 ft <br />63.78 in <br />162 cm[1]
  • 114.64 lb <br />52 kg[1]
  • Female
Blood type
Shoma Yusa (younger brother)
Manga debutYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures Chapter 0011: "Struct Start!!"
Appears in
MangaYu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures
Yusa, Ageha

Ageha Yusa ( アゲハ Yusa Ageha)[3] is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga. She is the older sister of Shoma Yusa, and brought him out of the family home in the countryside to live with her in Tokyo.


Ageha's younger selves in the outfit she wore at Worlds (left) and her school uniform (right).

Ageha is a young woman with pink eyes and long, spiky green hair that comes down to her lower back, some of it covering her left eyebrow (which presents a jaggy cut like Shoma's), and a mole under her left eye. Her outfit consists of triangular silver earrings, a long-sleeved, skin-tight red sweater with exposed shoulders, a dark gray studded belt with a double-X-carved silver buckle, pantyhose, and pink heeled ankle boots tied by dark gray straps whose ends hang out. Her Duel Disk is a manga KC mass production model with a customized pink color.

Ageha's unobstructed face.

When Ageha went to the World Championship as an elementary schooler, her casual outfit was a low-cut crop top with thin straps, jeans shorts, and platform sandals. Her hair was also shorter, being only neck- or shoulder-length.[4]


Ageha used to live with her little brother Shoma and the rest of the family in their home in the countryside. She played Yu-Gi-Oh! with her brother often, but sometime after graduating high school, she left home to look for work in Tokyo. Ageha returned home again three years later, and while there, asked Shoma if he would like to move in with her in Tokyo, which Shoma accepted.

On his first day in Tokyo, Ageha tried to find Shoma to see how he's settling in, only to find he has already left for the nearby Satellite Shop. She's annoyed that he hasn't finished unpacking, but not surprised, as she knows that he's on his way to the Deck Construction event.


Ageha has played a "Traptrix" Deck since elementary school, with which she earned a spot in a past World Championship.

Later, Ageha builds a "Time Thief" Deck for an event, which she uses against Tsukiko.


Opponent(s) Chapter(s) Outcome
Gob Lintaro 9 Win
Anna Des 9 Win (multiple times, off-screen)
Anna Des 9 Lose (off-screen)
Tsukiko Kuroda 20-21 Win


  • Ageha owns a jacket with a Duel Academy logo.[5]
  • Ageha is directly mentioned to have played a "Traptrix" Deck since at least elementary school. Since Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures showed multiple times to be set in roughly the same time as the real world by depicting new OCG products, this implies that the "Traptrix" theme has somehow existed since at least 2006 in the setting.


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