All Traps (World Championship 2005)

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All Traps
All Traps
  • All Traps
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
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All Traps

All Traps is a pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005, containing every Trap Card in the game. Each pack costs 30,000 DP and contains 9 cards.

This pack is available in the Mystic Stall, after the player has acquired 770 different cards.


0210Spellbinding CircleContinuous
0416Shadow SpellContinuous
0425House of Adhesive TapeNormal
0427Acid Trap HoleNormal
0428Widespread RuinNormal
0429Goblin FanContinuous
0430Bad Reaction to SimochiContinuous
0500Negate AttackCounter
0503Chain DestructionNormal
0505Skull DiceNormal
0509Trap HoleNormal
0521Castle WallsNormal
0522Ultimate OfferingContinuous
0523White HoleNormal
0524Call of the GraveNormal
0525Anti RaigekiNormal
0529Call of the DarkContinuous
0531Magic JammerCounter
0532Seven Tools of the BanditCounter
0533Just DessertsNormal
0534Royal DecreeContinuous
0538Magic ThornContinuous
0544Robbin' GoblinContinuous
0553Mirror ForceNormal
0558Gryphon WingNormal
0575Snake FangNormal
0601Numinous HealerNormal
0602Minor Goblin OfficialContinuous
0604DNA SurgeryContinuous
0605Attack and ReceiveNormal
0607Light of InterventionContinuous
0608Imperial OrderContinuous
0609Skull InvitationContinuous
0629Time SealNormal
0630Gift of The Mystical ElfNormal
0631Call Of The HauntedContinuous
0632Solomon's LawbookNormal
0633Enchanted JavelinNormal
0634Windstorm of EtaquaNormal
0637Ring of DestructionNormal
0638Aqua ChorusContinuous
0674Mask of WeaknessNormal
0677Mask of RestrictContinuous
0681Fairy BoxContinuous
0682Torrential TributeNormal
0685Magic CylinderNormal
0686Solemn WishesContinuous
0690Gravity BindContinuous
0691Shadow of EyesNormal
0727Jar of GreedNormal
0735Destiny BoardContinuous
0747Royal CommandContinuous
0748Graverobber's RetributionContinuous
0749Deal of PhantomNormal
0750Destruction PunchNormal
0751Blind DestructionContinuous
0752The Emperor's HolidayContinuous
0763Nightmare WheelContinuous
0767Fatal AbacusContinuous
0775Ready for InterceptingNormal
0785Dragon's RageContinuous
0786Burst BreathNormal
0808Bottomless Trap HoleNormal
0809Fiend ComedianNormal
0810Last TurnNormal
0826Needle CeilingNormal
0827Needle WallContinuous
0828Reckless GreedNormal
0830Coffin SellerContinuous
0848Curse of AgingNormal
0849Raigeki BreakNormal
0850Disturbance StrategyNormal
0870Huge RevolutionNormal
0872Secret BarrelNormal
0890Hidden Book of SpellNormal
0892The Spell Absorbing LifeNormal
0910Really Eternal RestNormal
0923Altar for TributeNormal
0924Frozen SoulNormal
0925Sakuretsu ArmorNormal
0926Ray of HopeNormal
0955Big BurnNormal
0956Blasting the RuinsNormal
0957Chain DisappearanceNormal
0958Zero GravityNormal
0959Dark Mirror ForceNormal
0960Energy DrainNormal
0991Destruction RingNormal
0992Compulsory Evacuation DeviceNormal
0993A Hero EmergesNormal
0994Self-Destruct ButtonNormal
0995Curse of DarknessContinuous
0996Begone, Knave!Continuous
0997DNA TransplantContinuous
0998Robbin' ZombieContinuous
0999Trap JammerCounter