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Ghost Gal with "Altergeist Meluseek", "Altergeist Primebanshee" and "Altergeist Marionetter.
  • オルターガイスト
  • Orutāgaisuto (romanized)

  • Altergeist

  • Altergeist

  • Altergeist

  • 얼터가이스트
  • Eolteogaiseuteu (romanized)

  • Altergeist

  • Altergeist


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Anime appearances

"Altergeist" is an archetype of female Spellcaster monsters used by Emma Bessho in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, debuting in Circuit Break.



Each member of this archetype is based on a mythological, ghostly female creature, but with cybernetic features unlike traditional spellcaster monsters. All of the monsters shown so far has a feminine appearance. The "Altergeist" monsters also sport a head piece that project laterally from their heads and lacks facial features except a smiling mouth.


The name "Altergeist" is portmanteau of the word Alter and poltergeist. Various members are named after both female mythological creatures/goddesses and computer terminology.

Altergeist Mythological Origin Computer Origin
Emulatelf Elf Emulator
Fifinellag Fifinella Lag
Fijialert Fiji mermaid Alert
Kunquery Centaurides / Kunti Query language
Pookuery Púca
Marionetter Marionette Network
Meluseek Melusine Zero seek
Multifaker Fairy Multitasking
Pixiel Pixie Pixel
Silquitous Silkie Ubiquitous computing
Hexstia Hestia Hexadecimal
Kidolga Durga Keylogger
Memorygant Morrígan Memory
Primebanshee Banshee Prime number
Dragvirion Gwyllion Drag and drop
Support Card Name Origin
Altergeist Camouflage Camouflage
Altergeist Failover Failover
Altergeist Haunted Rock Deadlock
Altergeist Manifestation Manifestation
Altergeist Protocol Cryptographic protocol
Personal Spoofing Spoofing attack

Playing style[edit]

The Main Deck monsters have slight disruptive capabilities, negating an opposing card's effects, stopping an attack, returning an opposing card to the hand or sending them to the Graveyard. Also, they have swarming capabilities that can be used to set up the Link Summon of their ace monsters, namely "Altergeist Primebanshee" and "Hexstia", whose effects further reaffirms their swarming and disruptive abilities. Some of them also have an effect that triggers when they are used as Link Materials, searching for resources or retrieving cards from the Graveyard. So far, they are supported by Trap Cards that either revive them, protect them from attacks or even negate and destroy opposing cards.

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  • The archetype's Trap-centric play style, as well as its lack of Spells, may be referencing operating system Traps.