Amazoness Archers (World Championship 2006)

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Amazoness Archers
Amazonesu no Dokyūtai
Amazoness Archery Squad
Card type Trap
Number 0992
Internal number 5286
Password 67987611
Cost 2080 DP

You can only activate this card when your opponent declares an attack and if there is a monster(s) on your side of the field that includes "Amazoness" in its card name, or is named "Amazon Archer". All monsters on your opponent's side of the field are changed to face-up Attack Position (Flip Effects are not activated), and as long as they remain face-up on the field, their ATK(s) are decreased by 500 points. Your opponent must attack with all of his/her monsters.


Set Rarity
Magician's ForceCommon
All Traps Common
All at Random Common

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