Ancient Sacred Wyvern (Duel Arena)

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Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Corresponding cardAncient Sacred Wyvern
English name
  • Ancient Sacred Wyvern
  • Unknown
Duel ArenaCure-Burn Wyvern
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena
Ancient Sacred Wyvern (Duel Arena)

Ancient Sacred Wyvern is a character version of the card "Ancient Sacred Wyvern".

It appears as a Rare Partner available in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena, with a default of 4 Rental Points. Its partner ID is P047. It also appears as an opponent at Stage 10-2 under Quest mode.


A LIGHT Fairy-Type that looks a lot like a dragon.

Opponent Quote[edit]

I'm a fairy.
I'm often mistaken for a dragon, but no. I'm a fairy, thank you.


A specialist Deck that involves healing your own Life Points while whittling down your opponent's Life Points. Start out by aiming to Summon a Synchro Monster with a life healing effect. You'll have to decide on the fly if you want to lock your opponent or Synchro further and press your attack!


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