Aporia's heart device

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Aporia's heart device.

Aporia's heart device is a device used by Aporia in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime to guard the Divine Temple. It links the heart of the one it is attached to with their Life Points.


Arc Cradle[edit]

The device working.

After reaching one of the Divine Temple's gears, Jack Atlas, Leo and Luna were greeted by Aporia who attached these devices to them, causing them a short amount of immense pain as its probes entered their bodies and attached to their hearts. Aporia also threatened that if any of them attempted to escape, he would have the probes pierce their hearts, killing them instantly. As Aporia inflicted damage to Jack and Luna, the devices caused them great amounts of pain, causing them to momentarily faint.[1] Leo was eventually killed by the device as his Life Points reached 0. Seeing this, Luna's Life Points began to drop, which Aporia revealed was because her pulse was weakening from seeing her brother die. However, thanks to the effect of "Morphtronic Lantron", Leo was revived and managed to Synchro Summon his newly obtained "Life Stream Dragon".[2] The effect of Leo's Signer Dragon healed his, Jack's and Luna's Life Points, strengthening their hearts in the process. The trio then managed to defeat Aporia. After his defeat, the devices fell off.[3]


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