Applied Magic

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Applied Magic
Applied Magic
  • Applied Magic
RōmajiNareyō Mahō
TranslatedGetting Used To Spells
Set information
MediumVideo game
TypeBooster Pack
Number of cards77
Cover cardBurden of the Mighty
Video games

Applied Magic

Applied Magic is a Booster Pack in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4.

It can be unlocked for purchase by obtaining 50% of the cards from the Magic 101 Booster Pack.

Each pack costs 120 DP and contains 5 cards.

# Name Card type Property Attribute Type Level ATK DEF Rarity
Burden of the Mighty Ultra
Fissure Ultra
Heavy Storm Ultra
Nobleman of Crossout Ultra
Book of Taiyou Super
Fiend's Sanctuary Super
Level Up! Super
Stray Lambs Super
Toon Table of Contents Super
Tribute to the Doomed Super
Banner of Courage Rare
Card Trader Rare
Ekibyo Drakmord Rare
Fairy Meteor Crush Rare
Monster Reincarnation Rare
Reload Rare
Tailor of the Fickle Rare
Tribute Doll Rare
Ante Common
Armed Changer Common
Ballista of Rampart Smashing Common
Block Attack Common
Buster Rancher Common
Chthonian Alliance Common
Colosseum - Cage of the Gladiator Beasts Common
Counter Cleaner Common
Curse of Fiend Common
Dangerous Machine Type-6 Common
Demise of the Land Common
Different Dimension Gate Common
Dimension Distortion Common
Dimensionhole Common
Double Attack Common
Double Summon Common
Earthquake Common
Fairy of the Spring Common
Germ Infection Common
Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield Common
Gladiator Beast's Battle Gladius Common
Gladiator Beast's Battle Halberd Common
Gladiator Beast's Battle Manica Common
Gladiator Beast's Respite Common
Gladiator Proving Ground Common
Gladiator's Return Common
Gravedigger Ghoul Common
Guard Penalty Common
Indomitable Gladiator Beast Common
Infinite Cards Common
Inspection Common
Jam Breeding Machine Common
Kishido Spirit Common
Level Down!? Common
Malice Dispersion Common
Mask of Brutality Common
Monster Recovery Common
Nobleman of Extermination Common
Omega Goggles Common
Paralyzing Potion Common
Phalanx Pike Common
Pot of Generosity Common
Precious Cards from Beyond Common
Pyramid Energy Common
Question Common
Return of the Doomed Common
Ring of Magnetism Common
Rod of the Mind's Eye Common
Scroll of Bewitchment Common
Senri Eye Common
Spell Calling Common
Spell Chronicle Common
Spell Reproduction Common
The Cheerful Coffin Common
The Reliable Guardian Common
Toon World Common
Union Attack Common
Vicious Claw Common
Weapon Change Common