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  • Aqua
  • Water Ignis (みずのイグニス, Mizu no Igunisu)
NicknamesIgnis (by SOL Technologies and the Knights of Hanoi)
  • Duelist
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
EnglishLindsay Sutton
JapaneseAyako Kawasumi
Aqua (character)

Aqua (アクア Akua) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is one of the six Ignis, representing the WATER-Attribute, and she is stated to be the second-in-command among them under Lightning. Her Origin is Miyu Sugisaki, and she favors allying with humanity. She was imprisoned by Lightning prior to the destruction of the Cyberse, and after being freed by Earth she teams up with Miyu's childhood friend Skye Zaizen to fight Lightning alongside Ai, Flame and their human allies. She was absorbed into Bohman after he defeated Blue Maiden.



Full body view of Aqua.

Like all Ignis, Aqua is a small digital humanoid being. Like other Ignis, Aqua has markings over her light blue body; her markings are bright blue and often shaped like teardrops. She has acorn-shaped pink eyes with a single "lash" that projects away from her face, though they are yellow in her "energy form". Aqua is the only known female Ignis, with a teardrop-shaped head and inverted teardrop-shaped "pigtails". Her chest, hips, and knees are more pronounced than her male counterparts.[2]


Aqua is very kind, caring, and motherly, and she desires a peaceful relationship with humanity; even after Earth's death, she still maintains her stance, claiming in the dub that while she knows how horrible humans can be, she also knows how wonderful they can be. To this end, Aqua also attempts to reason peacefully with Bohman. She has the well-being of her fellow Ignis at heart; constantly berating and worrying about the lazy and rebellious Ai, and withholding her decision to side with humanity from Earth so that he would make his own decision. She carries herself extremely properly in comparison to the more casual gestures and postures favored by many of the other Ignis.

Aqua is thankful to those who aid her, even considering Skye, who her Origin Miyu thought of while she was in captivity, someone she owed as a result and thanking her upon meeting her ten years afterwards. When Blue Maiden was defeated by Bohman, Aqua thanked her and told her that she was proud to be Blue Maiden's partner.

Despite her motherly nature, Aqua does not shy away from a fight, challenging The Shepherd to a Duel when he attempts to erase her and she faces the consequences of losing to Bohman without fear even when it becomes clear she and Blue Maiden would lose. She does not hesitate to urge Ai to leave her and the other Ignis imprisoned within Bohman, despite knowing they will be erased alongside Bohman, and she resolutely overpowers Lightning with Flame's help to force him to give up his power to aid Ai.


As an Ignis, Aqua has the ability to create and manipulate Data Material. She is capable of healing damage caused by programs. However, her abilities are not as strong as those of Lightning; she proved unable to wake Miyu Sugisaki from her computer virus-induced coma. Out of all of the Ignis, Aqua is the most perceptive, to the point of being both precognitive and capable of discerning when someone is lying. She can also discern people's real identities within LINK VRAINS; she was instantly able to recognize Skye Zaizen from Miyu's memories despite meeting her as Blue Gal in LINK VRAINS for the first time.



Aqua and the other Ignis were created by Dr. Kogami to be the saviors of humanity; Aqua was created from Miyu Sugisaki. Alongside her fellow Ignis, Aqua evolved and they created the Cyberse and the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies.[2] Despite this, Aqua and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse; Aqua's sector becoming a large ocean with floating pools of water and a steel blue tower. Aqua became the second-in-command among the Ignis under Lightning, and often expressed concern over Ai's laziness. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try to harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[3]

Aqua is trapped.

Varis launched an attack on the Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". Aqua and the other Ignis were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and one "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai as Aqua tried to warn him, and Ai escaped and severed the connection to the Cyberse's location. Aqua and the others realized that Ai meant to hide their world, at the price of being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated about it, the pursuing "Cracking Dragon" devoured him.[4]

Following the attack, the Ignis debated whether to ally with humanity; Aqua favored allying with humans, but she did not inform Earth of this decision. Aqua called Earth to her one day, claiming that the Cyberse would soon be broken apart and that Earth had to choose whether he would side with humans or the other Ignis. She wished for Earth to make his own decision based on his own judgment of the situation, and she gave him "G Golem Crystal Heart".[5] Soon after, Aqua found Lightning in his cave, creating the "Judgment Arrows" Link Spell Card. Lightning claimed that the card was intended for protecting the Cyberse, but Aqua sensed that he was lying and something dangerous from Lightning. Lightning admitted he'd needed to be worried about Aqua and imprisoned her with a program. Aqua asked why Lightning was doing this, but Lightning transported her away, claiming that the Cyberse would be erased in order to further his plans and that he wouldn't let her interfere.[6]


Aqua was imprisoned in a concealed island within LINK VRAINS 2.0 for over three months. Earth eventually found her, telling Aqua the name he had given her as well as his own. He ripped apart Aqua's prison with his bare hands despite the risks, an effort which exhausted him. As they escaped, Aqua healed Earth's hands and explained that Lightning had imprisoned her and was probably also responsible for destroying the Cyberse. Aqua then sensed that they were being followed, and a cloaked man approached them. Unable to evade them, Earth apologized to Aqua and pushed her off his tree avatar into the depths of LINK VRAINS to keep her safe while he Dueled the cloaked man.[6] Aqua later sensed something, and she realized that Earth had been killed.[7] Aqua attempted to seek out Miyu for aid, but Lightning had infected her with a computer virus that rendered her comatose. Aqua was unable to heal Miyu, but she was able to obtain a fragment of her memories with Skye Zaizen, one of Miyu's childhood friends who had inspired Miyu to persevere though the Hanoi Project. Aqua traveled to the pocket world that Earth had hidden in, where she recalled talking with Earth and giving him "G Golem Crystal Heart", crying and expressing regret that Earth had been cruelly killed by humans before he could decide his future. Her tears formed a heart-shaped memorial for Earth, though Aqua still intended to side with humanity.[8]

Aqua was then attacked by The Shepherd, one of SOL Technologies' Bounty Hunters. She dodged his energy blasts and challenged him to a Duel, but The Shepherd intended to destroy her rather than capture her. She tried to escape into LINK VRAINS, but The Shepherd found her again and informed her that he could track the Ignis algorithm. Blue Gal then saved Aqua from The Shepherd, and she and Ghost Gal used a program to conceal themselves from the Bounty Hunter. Aqua realized that Blue Gal was Skye, and she explained that Miyu had been her Origin and a victim of the Lost Incident. She told them that she had tried to save Miyu from Lightning's virus, but had been unable to, only gaining her memory of Skye. Ghost Gal then volunteered to distract The Shepherd and allow them to escape.[8] As they waited, Aqua told Blue Gal that Miyu had thought of Skye during the Lost Incident, vowing to see her again and apologize. Skye was shocked at the idea of Miyu wanting to apologize when she was still thankful for her, and Aqua stated that Skye had given Miyu courage that had been passed on to Aqua, asking Blue Gal to fight Lightning alongside her. Blue Gal agreed, stating that it was her turn to fight as Miyu had, and Aqua took up residence in Blue Gal's Duel Disk. They greeted Ghost Gal, the Dark Ignis, the Fire Ignis, and their human partners, Playmaker and Soulburner outside Ghost Gal's dissipated program, and the two Ignis expressed their relief at seeing Aqua was all right, introducing themselves as Ai and Flame. Aqua explained that Blue Gal had agreed to fight alongside her, and Blue Gal changed her Avatar to Blue Maiden. The three Ignis flew into the sky with their partners, affirming their goals and their decision to fight together.[9] As they and Ghost Gal headed back to the location where Aqua had been imprisoned, Aqua asked Blue Maiden if she had any regrets given the dangers of the coming battle, and Blue Maiden reassured her that she didn't as this wasn't just Aqua's fight, but Blue Maiden's to save Miyu. Aqua noted that Blue Maiden could wind up on opposite sides to her brother, but Blue Maiden believed that he would understand, claiming she had to walk her own path eventually. They arrived at Aqua's former prison, but Lightning had covered his tracks well and left no traces.[10] They continued their search for Lighting, noting that he would likely erase anything that opposed him, and finally found a lead; a portal detected by Playmaker's ally that led to Lightning' palace, where he was Dueling The Shepherd.[11] Aqua observed the Duel closely, noting the specifics of Lightning and Shepherd's tactics, though Shepherd was eventually defeated. Ghost Gal ran to him before his data was eliminated, revealing that The Shepherd was her brother, before Lightning escaped again.[12]

Playmaker and Soulburner later appeared in LINK VRAINS, and Skye decided to log in as well to see if they had found a lead on Lightning. Aqua found herself sensing that something sad would happen, and they watched as Gore, the Bounty Hunter who had captured Earth, approached Playmaker and challenged him to a Duel. Aqua and Blue Maiden logged in and joined Flame and Soulburner to watch the Duel between Playmaker and The Gore. As Gore changed his monsters into Cyberse monsters, Aqua realized that he had placed Earth's decompiled data into his A.I. Dueling Chip and that he intended to Summon "Crystal Heart", and she watched in horror as he did so, using the effect of "Crystal Heart" to enhance his ace monster.[13] Gore pushed Playmaker into a corner with his enhanced tactics, but Playmaker was able to defeat him with the hidden effect of his Skill, "Neo Storm Access". After the Duel, Ai devoured Earth's data from Gore, but was only able to extract "Crystal Heart" from it, which he gave to Aqua afterwards, telling her that it would make Earth the happiest.[14] Aqua added the card to the "Marincess" Deck she had given Blue Maiden, transforming it into "Marincess Crystal Heart".[15]

Playmaker asked to meet with Skye, Emma, and Aqua, and they logged into LINK VRAINS and waited in the upper levels for them. Playmaker revealed that Varis wanted to meet with them, and though Ai claimed they knew his identity and that Varis had helped them against Lightning, Aqua was concerned that it could be a trap. Despite her misgivings, Varis was true to his word, though he created a barrier around them to ensure a secure conversation. He requested an alliance to battle Lightning, though Soulburner spurned his offer and challenge him to a Duel to avenge his parents.[16] Varis passed his turn, and as Blue Maiden wondered if Varis intended to lose, Aqua noted that she didn't sense anything from his soul. Soulburner found himself unable to finish the Duel, and Varis revealed his identity as Ryoken Kogami, the son of Dr. Kogami, who had actually rescued the children of the Lost Incident. Though he warned them that he would come for the other Ignis once Lightning was defeated, Varis asked them to follow him, and Aqua stated that he was telling the truth. Varis took them to the ruins of the old LINK VRAINS, where the ruins of the Tower of Hanoi he had intended to destroy the Ignis with still stood, and explained that he intended to use it as a scan program to find Lightning and that they would work together to complete the program. Aqua and Skye watched that night as Emma assisted in coding the program. Skye sent Emma to LINK VRAINS to monitor the situation, while Aqua and Blue Maiden joined the other Ignis, Soulburner, Playmaker, Varis, and Earth's Origin, Specter, at the Tower of Hanoi. They activated the Tower's scan program, revealing that Lightning was hiding in a mirror world; "Mirror LINK VRAINS", and headed into a portal to the mirror world.[17]

As soon as they arrived, BitBoots accosted the group and engaged them in Speed Duels. As Blue Maiden defeated a BitBoot, Harlin, Bohman's younger brother A.I., arrived and challenged Blue Maiden to a Speed Duel. Aqua was shocked to see Harlin activate the Link Spell Card Lightning had created, "Judgment Arrows", but believed Blue Maiden could break through with their new Deck. Though Blue Maiden was able to gain some advantage, Harlin mocked her for calling Akira her sibling as they were not blood-related and denied being Bohman's brother himself when Aqua asked him. Aqua noted that Lightning had used brotherhood to control Bohman. Blue Maiden was able to defeat Harlin, erasing him as The Shepherd had been.[18]

Mirror LINK VRAINS realigned with LINK VRAINS, and the resultant loss of Data Material deactivated everyone's Duel Boards; Blue Maiden was able to fly her and Aqua away. Lightning set up electrical barriers to trap them, shocking Blue Maiden and Aqua when they ran into one and trapping them in the central city. They watched as Lightning approached Specter and challenged him to a Duel, Extra Linking on his first turn and putting Specter under pressure.[19] Specter was able to reverse Lightning's Extra Link, but he was still defeated and his data claimed by Lightning.[20] Aqua warned Blue Maiden that they would likely be challenged to a Duel next, but Soulburner and Flame were the next to be challenged by Windy. Aqua and Blue Maiden watched as Windy appeared to fruitlessly increase the ATK of his ace monster in the face of a reincarnated "Salamangreat Heatleo", but then used the effect of his Field Spell Card to negate the effects of "Heatleo".[21] Windy destroyed all of Soulburner's monsters, but Soulburner was able to defeat him, and Flame absorbed Windy's data.[22]

After the Duel ended, Aqua warned Blue Maiden again that they could be the next to Duel. They decided to explore the city in Mirror LINK VRAINS; Aqua noting that the humans hadn't been recreated. They investigated a building in place of where Central Station would be in LINK VRAINS, and found Bohman meditating there. He introduced himself and asked Aqua to entrust the future of A.I. to him; Aqua refused, stating that Bohman had been created without the consent of the other Ignis and imploring him not to aid Lightning. Bohman refused, but offered to give them Miyu's vaccine data if they defeated him. Aqua noted that Bohman would likely Duel them with anger and hatred to avenge Harlin, but to her surprise, Bohman Dueled in a calculated manner, taking note of the effect of "Marincess Marbled Rock" and bypassing it with "Cubed Hydradrive Lord". Blue Maiden was able to survive with "Marincess Crystal Heart"; Aqua asking Earth's spirit to aid them. Blue Maiden attempted to use effect damage to combat Bohman, but he was able to nullify one of their attempts; Aqua noted that Bohman would be able to do so two more times, and Blue Maiden emphasized that Bohman would only be able to do so twice.[15] Despite Blue Maiden's insistence, Bohman was able to re-use the effect of his "Interference Canceller" to prevent all of her effect damage. Aqua then asked Bohman why he didn't seem to hate them despite defeating his brother, and Bohman claimed that he was instead thankful to them for allowing him to experience emotions that he hadn't previously. He brought out "Tesseract Hydradrive Monarch", whose effect affected the player rather than their monsters and would allow it to bypass the effect of "Crystal Heart". Blue Maiden began to panic; Aqua urged her that this was a critical point in the Duel. Fortunately, Blue Maiden was able to calm down and she banished her monsters with "Marincess Cascade", allowing her to avoid the effect of "Tesseract". Blue Maiden evolved "Crystal Heart" into "Marincess Wonder Heart" next turn and almost defeated Bohman, but he was able to survive and revive "Tesseract" with doubled ATK. "Wonder Heart's" equipped "Marincess" monsters were all depleted and it was destroyed, reviving "Crystal Heart". Blue Maiden then used the effect of "Marincess Crown Tail" to reduce the damage she would take by 10000, but it wasn't enough to prevent her from losing when the powered-up "Tesseract" attacked. Blue Maiden apologized to Aqua, but Aqua reassured her that she was proud to be her partner before they fragmented into data.[23] Bohman then absorbed Blue Maiden and Aqua's data in addition to what little data of Earth that remained, imprisoning Aqua within his body.[24]

Aqua remained conscious within Bohman. Her power was used by Bohman to create "Chimera Hydradrive Draghead - Aqua".[25] Ai entered Bohman's core, attempting to rescue Aqua and the other Ignis, and Aqua was shocked to see him alive, as she believed he had been destroyed when he tried to stop Bohman's Neuron Link; Flame noted that Ai had used a backup to survive. Ai tried to blast Aqua free from Bohman's substance, but found himself unable to do so and Lightning made Bohman aware of Ai's presence. Ai refused to leave the Ignis behind, protesting that they needed their power to defeat Bohman and that leaving them would mean their battle had been for nothing, so Aqua urged Flame and the other Ignis to lend Ai their power. She and Flame overpowered Lightning's program, forcing him to give Ai his power as well. Flame eventually convinced Ai to leave without them, and Aqua told Ai he was their last hope as she was completely absorbed by Bohman. Aqua's spirit aided Ai and Playmaker when "Firewall Dragon Darkfluid" attacked with "Neo Tempest Aqua". After Bohman was defeated, Aqua was erased along with him, and as with all of the other A.I. who perished in Mirror LINK VRAINS, she did not return afterwards.[26]


Aqua never Duels in the series, though she does attempt to challenge The Shepherd to a Duel. Her Deck is revealed to be the "Marincess" Deck that she gave to Skye Zaizen, who continued to use it after Aqua's death.


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