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  • Aqua
OtherWater Ignis
NicknamesIgnis (by SOL Technologies and the Knights of Hanoi)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 1: "Link into the VRAINS"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
JapaneseAyako Kawasumi
Aqua (character)

Aqua (アクア Akua) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is one of the six Ignis, representing the WATER-Attribute, and she is stated to be the second-in-command among them under Lightning. Her Origin is Miyu Sugisaki, and she favors allying with humanity, teaming up with Skye Zaizen, Miyu's childhood friend, after being imprisoned by Lightning, who also infected Miyu with a computer virus that rendered her comatose. She was absorbed into Bohman after he defeated Blue Maiden.



Full body view of Aqua.

Like all Ignis, Aqua is a small digital humanoid being. Like other Ignis, Aqua has markings over her white body; her markings are blue and often shaped like teardrops. She has acorn-shaped red eyes, though they are yellow in her "energy form". Aqua is the only known female Ignis, with a teardrop-shaped head and inverted teardrop-shaped "pigtails". Her chest, hips, and knees are more pronounced than her male counterpart's.[1]



Aqua and the other Ignis were created by Dr. Kogami to be the saviors of humanity; Aqua was created from Miyu Sugisaki. Alongside her fellow Ignis, Aqua evolved and they created the Cyberse and the Cyberse monsters. Their progress worried Dr. Kogami, who predicted the AI and humanity would become enemies.[1] Despite this, Aqua and the other Ignis continued developing the Cyberse; Aqua's sector becoming a large ocean with floating pools of water and a steel blue tower. Aqua became the second-in-command among the Ignis under Lightning, and often expressed concern over Ai's laziness. In Ai's words, the Ignis would never try to harm humanity, and would rather live in their own world.[2]

Aqua is trapped.

Varis launched an attack on the Cyberse with three of his "Cracking Dragons". Aqua and the other Ignis were sealed off and could not retaliate, except for Ai. Varis and one "Cracking Dragon" chased Ai as Aqua tried to warn him, and Ai escaped and severed the connection to the Cyberse's location. Aqua and the others realized that Ai meant to hide their world, at the price of being unable to return. Just as Ai succeeded and gloated about it, the pursuing "Cracking Dragon" devoured him.[3]

At some point, the Cyberse World was destroyed by an unknown agent using the "Judgment Arrows" Link Spell. Aqua was separated from an unknown number of the remaining Ignis, including Windy.


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