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Artwork or illustration is a section on cards in card games in the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. It is purely cosmetic and has no gameplay function.

Regardless of artwork, all TCG/OCG cards with the same name are considered to be the same card. All variant artwork cards have the same password as their originals, except the alternate artwork of "Polymerization" and Arkana's alternate artwork of "Dark Magician".

Certain rarities of cards have foil artwork. Different rarities may have different types of foils.

Variant artwork[edit]

Some cards are reprinted with different artwork to their original print. While cards with alternate artwork will commonly have two different artworks, popular cards (such as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon") may have many more different artworks.


In the TCG, in its debut set Magician's Force, "Dark Paladin" was mistakenly printed with alternate artwork that was intended for use on a promotion print in the Duel Master's Guide promotional cards instead of its original OCG artwork. Customers were given the opportunity to exchange their misprinted cards for 1st Edition copies with the correct artwork. The misprint was corrected in Unlimited Edition reprints.

Modified artwork[edit]

Some cards have their artwork modified for releases in certain regions, most commonly being edited from the Japanese artwork for release in the TCG and Korean. These edits exist even on cards that debut in the TCG.

Sometimes the other region's artwork is released as alternate artwork. The Lost Art Promotion, a TCG promotion, exists solely for this purpose. For example, "Monster Reborn" originally had different artwork in the TCG and OCG, but both versions of the artwork have since been released in both card games.