Asana Mutsuba

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Asana Mutsuba
Asana Mutsuba
English name
  • Asana Mutsuba
Japanese name
RōmajiMutsuba Asana
  • Female
Unnamed great-grandfather[1]
OrganizationHeavy Cavalry Duel Club (president)
SchoolGoha 6th Elementary
Anime DeckWyrm
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 26: "Maximum Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Japanese voice
  • Minami Takahashi
Mutsuba, Asana

Asana Mutsuba (むつアサナ Mutsuba Asana) is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS, and the main antagonist in the Goha 6th Elementary arc. She is the heir to the Mutsuba Heavy Machinery company, which helped construct Goha City, and the president of Goha 6th Elementary's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, to the extent that she has power over the entire school.



Full-body view of Asana.

Asana is a slim, tanned girl with mauve eyes and grey neck-length hair. She dresses in a style based on equestrian riders, wearing a long red coat with a black inner layer and silver buttons, a white collared shirt with a yellow cravat and a blue stone, a black waistcoat, white riding pants, a brown belt at an angle, white gloves, and black heeled boots. While riding R6, she also wears a white hardhat with a slice in the brim, and white goggles with hexagonal lenses and a red strap. Asana wears the Goha 6th Elementary uniform while she is tending to R6; a largely blue tracksuit with a white trim and the character for "6" emblazoned on the back in red, white elbow length gloves, a cream apron, and black boots.

As a young girl Asana was lighter skinned and wore a maroon vest over a white shirt with a black bowtie and white gloves. She also wore a yellow hardhat with her family's crest on it while riding R6.


Asana declares her intention to crush Rush Dueling, but when she and Yuga meet for the first time she is unfailingly polite to him despite knowing who he is. She is grateful to him when he fixes R6 for her and allows him to ride the digger with her, and she expresses interest in their eventual Duel. Asana even goes as far as to permit Yuga to address her without honorifics. However, she is angered by his casual indifference to her school's traditions and is not above punishing him for doing so.

Asana is incredibly prideful, sometimes to a fault; she refused to tell Haruka Kamijo why she had left her while searching for Luke in their youth because she felt she had no right to and allowed their close friendship to turn into rivalry. As a student of Goha 6th Elementary, Asana is a staunch traditionalist, believing modifications to be a crime and seeing both Rush Dueling and the modified Drone Kaizo as things that should not exist. In the past she and her club have mercilessly imposed their will on other students of their school. However, when she Rush Duels Yuga for the first time she finds herself enjoying the experience, something that Yuga encourages while her fellow Heavy Cavalry Duel Club members try to remind her that she is meant to be opposing them. Ultimately, despite her enjoyment of Rush Dueling and wishing that she and Yuga had met under different circumstances, Asana still opposes him. Even when Asana comes to accept modification, she does so after she learned that her family had in fact done so in the past.

Asana loves riding and operating R6, feeling that she can forget everything when riding it and she is pleased when Yuga agrees with her. She is very attached to the digger, talking to it and treating it as if it were a horse; she asks if it is sulking after it breaks down, and asks its opinion as to whether they should let Yuga ride it. She later tells Yuga that R6 has "taken to him". However, this love of machinery does not extend to Goha Corporation Drones, who she finds abhorrent for trying to mimic the language of humans, claiming that machines have their own beautiful language. Despite this claim, her dislike of Drones appears to stem from the Goha Corporation's Duel Disks outcompeting her family's Duel machines and even after she accepts the notion of modification, she continues to demonstrate distaste for Kaizo.


In her youth, Asana spoke in the third person, using her own name as a personal pronoun, but she uses "watashi" in the present, while using "warera" when referring to herself and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. While formal, her speech is in the short form, akin to a commander or a general. She generally refers to people by their first names, but calls Yuga by his full name throughout the Goha 6th Elementary arc.



Asana was attended to by Galient Tazaki in her childhood.[2] Asana was close friends with her great-grandfather, who rode R6 with her outside Goha City and told her of their family's company, Mutsuba Heavy Machinery, as well as how their family company's founder had been friends with the founder of the Goha Corporation, who they had created Duel Disks with that outcompeted the R0, Mutsuba style mobile Duel devices, which subsequently went missing.[1]

One day Asana's great-grandfather took her to meet Haruka Kamijo. Asana was immediately impressed by Haruka's martial prowess and they became fast friends, nicknaming one another Asacchi and Harucchi. From that day on they spent every day together, even having their first Goha Duels with one another. One snowy day Haruka's younger brother Tatsuhisa went missing, so Asana helped Haruka look for him. Asana suggested they split up, reassuring Haruka that they would find him.[3] She called her great-grandfather and asked him to bring R6 to help look for Tatsuhisa, but instead of finding Tatsuhisa, Asana and her great-grandfather found Chevelle Kayama and his pet pigeon Trapigeon buried in the snow, Asana asking in concern if they were all right.[4] They then received word that Haruka had found Tatsuhisa, so Asana and her great-grandfather took Chevelle ad Trapigeon to the hospital due to their weakness. Haruka believed that Asana had gone home as soon as they split up and vowed revenge against her; Asana believed that she didn't deserve to make excuses as she hadn't told Haruka what had happened, and they became rivals; Haruka taking the name "Tiger" and insisting that Asana and her friends use that name.[3]

Mutsuba Heavy Machinery fell on hard times and was absorbed into the Goha Corporation, which ceased production of Heavy Cavalry parts. Asana asked multiple times for the parts to be remanufactured, but to no avail.[5] Asana eventually inherited R6 and she rose to become the president of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. At some point before the events of the series, Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club challenged the Goha 6th Elementary Student Council to Duels. They defeated all of them, including then-current president Jango Arisugawa, and removed them from the Council.[6]

Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

While they were excavating at an old building, Asana, Galient, and Chevelle watched a Rush Duel between Yuga Ohdo and Roa Kirishima, and witnessed the appearance of Otes during the Duel.[7]


After the second Rush Duel between Yuga and Neiru Saionji and the failure of Neiru's plan to eliminate Rush Dueling, Asana vowed that she, Galient and Chevelle would utterly crush Rush Dueling.[8] She made a deal with President Goha to have the parts for Heavy Cavalry remanufactured if they succeeded.[5]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Asana planned to have Yuga Ohdo and his friends transfer to Goha 6th Elementary, which would allow her to prevent them from Rush Dueling under her supervision, while also weeding out the Dark Rush Duel Tournament that was being held by rebellious students from Goha 6th Elementary, and she had Chevelle send Yuga's friend Luke an invitation to the tournament.[1][9][2] Aware that Yuga and Neiru had created the powerful Maximum Monsters that they used in their Duel from Duel ID cards, Asana planned to use the ID cards in the discarded Duel Disks of the Mutsuba Heavy Machinery mine to create her own, though finding them proved to be a difficult prospect as the cards had decayed over the time they had buried. Eventually Asana was able to rewrite three ID cards into her own Maximum Monster; "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm".[10]

Asana meets Yuga Ohdo.

Asana was riding R6 in a forest near the Rush Duel Training Camp when it broke down. As she was trying to determine why her digger was sulking, Yuga saw her with the digger and praised it, asking to take a look at it with her permission. Yuga determined that a loose circuit was to blame and reconnected it, fixing R6. Asana thanked Yuga and introduced herself, and Yuga asked if he could ride R6. Although she was surprised by his question, Asana agreed to teach him to operate R6 after her digger responded in the affirmative, and she was quite surprised when Yuga proved able at operating R6, riding with him until the evening. As they parted ways, Yuga finally remembered to introduce himself, though Asana reassured him that she knew he was the creator of Rush Dueling. Yuga challenged her to a Duel, but Asana received a call over her radio asking for a response, preventing her from accepting Yuga's challenge, and she bid Yuga goodbye until they met again. Later that night, Asana, Galient and Chevelle returned to the Rush Duel Training Camp to spy on Yuga and his friends, Asana expressing her anticipation for her and Yuga's eventual Duel.[11]

Asana and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club tracked down the Dark Rush Duel Tournament to the old Goha 6th Elementary campus, catching Yuga, Luke, Romin Kirishima, Gakuto Sogetsu and Jango in the act. She and Yuga greeted one another again and Asana told Yuga that R6 was happy to see him as well, but nevertheless had the old campus demolished and her fellow 6th Elementary students escorted away, explaining her dislike of Goha Corporation Drones and modifications to Yuga and his friends (much to the anger of Yuga's modified Drone Kaizo and the shock of their advisor, massage Drone Sebastian). Yuga then challenged Asana to a Rush Duel to allow the students of Goha 6th to Duel freely, and Asana accepted his challenge, as per her school's tradition, planning to have Yuga transfer to Goha 6th Elementary if he lost, but not divulging this to him. Although Yuga started with three strong monsters, Asana quickly became accustomed to Rush Dueling and brought out "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon" before empowering her Wyrm monsters with her "The Insurmountable Summit of Spectral Shangri-La" Field Spell Card, easily destroying all of Yuga's monsters. To her shock, Asana found the Rush Duel interesting, necessitating Galient and Chevelle to remind her of her purpose, and Yuga was also enjoying the Duel despite his disadvantage. He made a significant comeback with three more powerful monsters, destroying all of Asana's, including "Build Dragon" with "Sevens Road Magician" and once again intriguing Asana. But on her next turn she drew all three components of "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm" and admitted she wished she and Yuga had met under different circumstances before Maximum Summoning it and destroying her own Field Spell to draw more cards and increase the ATK of "Wurm Excavator", allowing her to defeat Yuga. Asana then told Yuga that he and his friends would have to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary as he had lost, retreating to the cliff where she had spent time with her grandfather that evening to look out over Goha City.[1] Although she believed it was necessary, she regretted having such an advantage over Yuga in their Duel.[10]

On Yuga's first day of being transferred to Goha 6th Elementary, Asana called President Goha to inform them of her success, but to her shock Goha called her naïve for thinking that mere surveillance would be enough to crush Rush Dueling and warned her that she had not fulfilled her contract with the Goha Corporation. Though shocked by his criticism, Asana vowed that she would crush Rush Dueling. Over the course of the day the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club detected suspicious devices across the Goha 6th campus, which Asana deduced were likely Yuga's doing, and she confronted him over his actions after Gakuto defeated Galient in a Rush Duel. Yuga claimed he and Kaizo had only been trying to help the students who had trouble with the road to school, but Asana was incensed by his disrespect of their traditions and revoked the terms of Gakuto's Duel with Galient, which would have allowed Yuga and his friends to return to Goha 7th Elementary, and instead had them sent to the Abandoned Dorm.[2] Asana decided that in order to crush Rush Dueling, she would have to wager Heavy Cavalry Dueling against it in another Duel with Yuga, informing Chevelle of this and reassuring him that she was prepared for the consequences in the event that she lost. To her shock, she was informed that Yuga and his friends had escaped the Abandoned Dorm and fled into the mine it contained.[12] Asana was later informed that Caterpillio Zomyoji had tried to dismantle Yuga's Road Laboratory, though he had regretted his reckless actions. She then attended to R6, finding a damaged panel on it and "bandaging" it with duct tape, promising to replace it when she could.[13]

Yuga and his friends were found in the Heavy Cavalry Colosseum by Chevelle and Galient, though they failed to prevent them from reaching the mine. Realizing that Yuga intended to find his own Maximum Monsters and deducing that he would turn to Neiru's "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", Asana hurried there with Galient, Chevelle, Trapigeon, Zomyoji and six Heavy Cavalry students. She arrived just as Yuga deduced how Asana created "Wurm Ex-Cavator" and congratulated his deductions, shaking off Galient and Chevelle's efforts to keep her quiet. She explained how fragile the ID cards in the Duel Disks were and challenged Yuga to another Rush Duel, agreeing to honor her original promise if he won, but warning him that Rush Dueling would be banned in Goha Elementary schools if she won, a challenge Yuga accepted. Yuga began cautiously with five Set cards, much to Asana's interest, and at his urging she Maximum Summoned "Wurm Ex-Cavator" on her first turn and flipped his face-down "Stray Familiar" into Attack Position, then powered-up "Wurm Ex-Cavator" enough to defeat Yuga with one attack, though he was able to avoid the damage with a Trap Card. Noting that Yuga wouldn't have intended to defeat her Maximum with just Spell and Trap Cards, she urged him to Maximum Summon "Yggdrago", but to her shock, Yuga revealed he didn't have it in his Deck, having decided not to use it, much to Asana's disappointment. To her surprise, Yuga revealed that he still intended to use a Maximum, as he and Hunt Goto had uncovered three Duel ID cards that would be resilient enough to be rewritten into his Maximum, and to Asana's joy Yuga was able to draw and Maximum Summon "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road". Yuga used both of the effects of "Magnum Over Road" to power it up, but Asana was able to weaken it enough with her "Mythic Sword Surprise Attack" Trap that it tied with "Wurm Ex-Cavator". To her shock, both sets of Maximum cards began to disintegrate due to the clash between the monsters, with Gakuto ruling that the loser would take the ATK of the other Maximum Monster as damage.[10] As their Maximums disintegrated, Asana encouraged "Wurm Ex-Cavator" and admitted to Yuga that this was the most fun she'd ever had in a Duel. Eventually the two Maximums disintegrated at the same time, allowing the Duel to continue, and Asana thanked "Wurm Ex-Cavator" for its efforts. She pushed Yuga into a corner with "Build Dragon", but as she attacked, R6 continued to deteriorate, and Asana admitted her motive to Yuga for eliminating Rush Dueling. Yuga was able to survive Asana's attacks, and her friends were able to briefly stabilize R6, but Yuga brought out a new ace monster, "Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator", which could gain ATK depending on the Levels of the monsters that shared its Type in Yuga's Graveyard. Although the cards that made up the Machine "Magnum Over Road" had been destroyed, Asana suspected that Yuga had another method to strengthen it and prevented Machine monsters from attacking with her "Mythic Sword Blockade", but Yuga changed the Type of "Steeltek Deity Mirror Innovator" to Spellcaster and combined it with "Road Magic - Resaltar", allowing it to gain enough ATK to destroy "Build Dragon". As Yuga launched the attack, R6 continued to break down and the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club united to keep it together until the attack struck, with Asana declaring glory to the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club as her LP was depleted.[5]

R6 was finally destroyed by the attack, though Asana was protected from the explosion by her friends and Asana thanked her Heavy Cavalry for fighting alongside her to the end, lamenting that she couldn't save it. As she admitted Yuga's victory, Yuga struck a nearby wall and uncovered a room containing R0, explaining that he had learned about it in the Goha 6th Elementary library and had hoped to find it to make Asana smile. Touched by his admission, Asana was further shocked when she learned that R0 had been modified over the course of its creation and Yuga explained that one would make mistakes while making something and modify it until they got it right, which he likened to Rush Dueling as well. Hearing this, Asana finally accepted the notion of modification and removed the ban on Rush Dueling at Goha 6th Elementary, while also allowing Yuga to repair R6, though she still didn't like Kaizo.[5]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Luke called Asana to ask permission to dig in her mine, so she, Galient and Chevelle to the Abandoned Dorm to meet with Luke and Hunt. Luke told them about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, which Asana found interesting, but when Luke admitted that Yuga wasn't participating she noted that it was like him, and suggested that Luke and Yuga were not as close as Luke thought after Luke expressed confusion over Yuga's decision. To their surprise, when they entered the mine they found it covered in lights that made it look like outer space, and encountered Goha 5th Elementary's Space Operations Duel Squadron, who claimed to be looking for Maximum Monsters after seeing Asana create "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm". Their leader, Braun Honya, challenged Asana to a Rush Duel for the right to Duel in the mine, and Asana agreed on the condition Braun Duel Luke instead, confiding to Galient and Chevelle that she was curious as to whether Luke would find himself in the Duel. Braun gave Luke some trouble, but Luke was eventually able to defeat him. After the Duel, Romin and Gakuto arrived, and they collectively came to the realization that Yuga had refused to enter the tournament because he didn't want to deprive any of his friends the opportunity to do so, which had been Asana's theory as well. Asana gave Luke permission to excavate in the mine, with Luke telling the Space Operations Duel Squadron they could join them.[14]

Although the excavation turned up no Maximum Monsters, Asana was able to find a single Duel ID card and kept it for Yuga.[15] She, Galient and Chevelle were planning to represent the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club in the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal, but Asana called in sick on the day of the registration and urged them to compete, suggesting they substitute Trapigeon for her.[7] She also gave Galient the Duel ID card that she had found in her mine to give to Yuga, having intended to give it to him in person.[15] In truth, Asana and Zomyoji went to investigate the shortage of Duel ID cards from her mine, and they observed Goha 66 excavating there with a crew of Goha Corporation Drones.[7] The situation eventually reached the point that Zomyoji had to call Galient, Chevelle and Trapigeon for reinforcements.[16] Asana and Zomyoji waited for Galient, Chevelle and Zomyoji outside the Abandoned Dorm, where the mineshaft to Maximum Mountain had been forced open. Assuring them that she was happy they'd come despite her deception, they ventured into the mine to find Goha 66 excavating there. Asana confronted him over his purpose, but after revealing the rest of the Goha 66 he claimed that elementary schoolers would never understand what salarymen thought and insulted them and their Heavy Cavalry. To Asana's surprise, Tiger then arrived to assist them against Goha 66, almost blowing Asana away after Asana called her by her childhood nickname. Asana insisted that this wasn't Tiger's business, though Tiger claimed that she'd only intervened because she found the situation interesting.[17]

Tiger, Galient, Zomyoji and Trapigeon defeated all the members of Goha 66, but then Tiger challenged Asana to a Duel. Before they could clash, Luke, Romin, Gakuto, Menzaburo Oomori, Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi arrived with a captured Kaizo, who had joined Goha 66 and Luke used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal Goha 66's plan; to take over the Goha Corporation and the Dueling world by gaining control of the main Dueling server buried beneath Maximum Mountain.[18] Asana was amused to learn that Luke was actually Tatsuhisa, Haruka's brother, having not recognized him from their childhood, and after Tiger yelled everyone who interrupted them into submission, Asana accepted her challenge. Asana brought out "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon" to oppose Tiger's "Ensemble Fighter the Heavy Music Oni", but Tiger changed "Ensemble Fighter" to Defense Position and increased its DEF to fend off the attack of "Build Dragon". On her next turn, Tiger changed "Build Dragon" into Defense Position and attempted to lock Asana down with "Ensemble Fighter" while increasing the ATK of "Bassoon Finger the Divine Music Oni" with "One-Breath Piercing", intending to defeat Asana that turn, but Asana was able to take advantage of the timing of the effect of "Ensemble Fighter" to revive "Build Dragon" once "Bassoon Finger" had destroyed it, preventing "Ensemble Fighter" from defeating her. On her next turn, Asana activated her "The Snow-Capped Summit of Spectral Shangri-La" Field Spell, recalling her friendship with Tiger as children, though Tiger again accused Asana of abandoning her to search for Luke. Asana brought out two "Dracrush the Mythic Sword Demolition Dragon", but Tiger increased the ATK of her monsters with her "Music Maiden Secret Technique - Triple Tiger" past Asana's, vowing that she would have her apologize. Chevelle then interrupted the Duel and despite Asana's protests he told her how Asana had found him and Trapigeon in the snow after splitting up with her. Asana admitted to Tiger that she felt she didn't deserve to make excuses as she hadn't told her what she'd done and she apologized to Tiger. Tiger told Asana she could call her Harucchi again and admitted that her anger had subsided, though they continued their Duel as they were still rivals. Asana used her "Mythic Sword Secret Technique - High Speed Demolition" to increase the ATK of her "Dracrushes" and weaken Tiger's monsters, allowing her to defeat her. After the Duel Asana helped Tiger up and told her it was a fun Duel, though Tiger had to yell Luke away for calling her Harucchi, revealing the supposed main server that Goha 66 had been looking for. However, Kaizo revealed that it was too small to be the main Dueling server.[3]

Asana, Tiger, Galient, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Zomyoji all attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal the next day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gakuto's Duel against Neiru, where Asana was shocked by his new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", Gakuto eventually returned to his normal persona and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[19][20]

Asana watched Yuga and Luke's Duel, and was surprised by Yuga's nervous reactions on his first turn. After he Summoned "Amazing Dealer" and only brought out "Sevens Road Magician" for the turn, she concluded that he had drawn a bad hand and noted he would have been doomed if he hadn't drawn "Amazing Dealer" to fix his hand up. She joined Roa and Neiru for Yuga's summoning chant for "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan", the Maximum Monster Yuga had made from the ID card she'd given him. To Asana's shock, the Solid Vision images of the monsters began to glitch, and she learned from the Space Operations Duel Squadron that the Goha Duel Server was actually on the moon and the portion that contained the data for Rush Duels, the Super Rush Robot, was being eroded. Asana realized that it was a concentrated effort to destroy Rush Dueling and that the entire tournament had contributed to it.[21] Asana deduced that Otes was likely responsible and ordered Galient, Chevelle, Trapigeon and Zomyoji to find where he was operating from. They succeeded in destroying The Relic, but the uninstallation process continued regardless, and both Yuga and Luke decided to continue their Rush Duel despite knowing it would erase the format, something Asana had expected Yuga to do. Luke destroyed Yuga's Maximum, but Yuga brought out "Thunderbold the Lightningfire Deity" and Asana noted he'd had a new monster ready. After Yuga endured all of Luke's attacks and returned his monsters to his hand, Asana believed Yuga had won the Rush Duel, but Luke was able to re-Summon "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and defeat Yuga, winning the tournament. Yuga was incredibly frustrated by his loss, throwing a brief tantrum, something Asana noted was a rare sight from Yuga. Afterwards the Rush Duel program on the surface of the moon was destroyed, but Yuga had immediately reinstalled Rush Dueling and had the Super Rush Robot reconstructed out of space debris by Neiru, making it a far stronger program. Asana and her friends then watched Luke's coronation.[22]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Following his Rush Duel with Luke, Yuga worried that his "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" cards were reaching their limit and asked Asana to repair them.[23]


Asana uses a Wyrm Deck based around the "Mythic Sword" series of monsters. She generally focuses on a straightforward beatdown strategy through using her Field Spell Cards to either give her Wyrm monsters extremely high ATK or Tribute Summon them for a single Tribute to save on resources, while using the effect of "Build Dragon the Mythic Sword Dragon" to replenish her monsters while she controls her Field Spell.

To combat Yuga Ohdo, Asana also includes Maximum Monsters in her Deck; "Wurm Ex-Cavator the Heavy Mequestrian Wyrm", which turns her previous strategy on its head; by destroying her own Field Spell, she can draw two extra cards and increase the ATK of "Wurm Ex-Cavator", though she can also use this effect to destroy her opponent's cards, at the cost of drawing only one card.

Some time before her duel with Neiru Saionji, Asana is offered by her Heavy Cavalry Duel Club to rewrite their individual Duel ID cards into a Maximum Monster. Asana, however, chooses to incorporate their Signature cards into her Deck instead, thus placing more emphasis on cards that support Level 7+ monsters.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 32 Win
Yuga Ohdo 38-39 Lose
Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo 48 Win
Neiru Saionji 65 Win


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