Atlas Rising

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This article is about the fictional movie. For the Duel Links event, see Atlas Rising: The Return of Jack Atlas.
Atlas Rising

Atlas Rising




Rōdo obu za Kingu

Japanese translated

Lord of the King


Atlas Rising

Alternate names

Atlas Rising: The Rise of Jack Atlas

Appears in (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

Appears in (episode)

Atlas Rising, known as Road of the King in the Japanese version, is a movie in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's about Jack Atlas.

Its Japanese version name may be a reference to The Lord of the Rings.


The preview of the film was shown shortly after the Fortune Cup, when Jack was no longer King.

Celebrities, including the world's top model Misty Tredwell, were present at the event.

The narrator describing the film stated that Jack was born in Tops. The reporter Angela Raines later interrupts Rex Goodwin to point out that the narration was incorrect and asks him if he knew Jack was actually born in Satellite. Goodwin frowns and says that he cannot answer such uncertain information.


The film contains information on Jack's path to becoming King. It is said to answer questions including what is a king and how should a king be. However, some wrong information is also included, due to the fact that everyone will think that Jack Atlas is not worthy of being king after they realize he was born in Satellite.

One feature is a recording of Jack's Duel against Dragan during his time as King. Bruno showed this part to the other members of Team 5Ds, hoping to gain insight into Team Ragnarok's strategy. The footage supported Dragan's claim that the match had been rigged by Rex Goodwin.