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Attribute Duelist Pack is a sub-series of Duelist Packs. They support anime characters that used monsters of the Attribute the pack is focused around—this can range from using a Deck solely comprised of monsters of that Attribute, to only one of the Duelist's signature cards belonging to that Attribute. The support the character receives also does not have to solely belong to that Attribute, or include it at all. The series started with Duelist Pack: Duelists of Gloom.

The series replaced the Legend Duelist series in 2020. Despite this, the sets that can be named "Attribute Duelist Pack" in the OCG are still included in the Legendary Duelists series in the TCG.



Duelist Pack Legendary Duelists Attribute Characters
Main Others
Duelist of Gloom Rage of Ra DARK DARK.svg Yami Marik Aporia Espa Roba
Duelist of Whirlwind Synchro Storm WIND WIND.svg Yugo Sherry LeBlanc Lulu Obsidian
Duelist of the Abyss Duels From the Deep WATER WATER.svg Nash Mako Tsunami Skye Zaizen/Blue Maiden
Duelists of Pyroxene N/A EARTH EARTH.svg Leo Ishizu Ishtar Gloria & Grace Tyler