Baby Dragon (character)

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Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon
Corresponding cardBaby Dragon
English name
  • Baby Dragon
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters episode 2: "Divide and Conquer"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters
Baby Dragon (character)

Baby Dragon is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters anime. It is a character version of the "Baby Dragon" card.

Baby Dragon was the first monster Joey Wheeler acquired in the World of Capsule Monsters.[1]


Baby Dragon helps Joey escape the flock of Kurama.

Joey Wheeler jumped from a ledge jutting out of a cliff to escape from a flock of Kurama. In doing so, he landed on a branch, which Baby Dragon's capsule rested on. The branch tilted under Joey's weight, causing the capsule to roll towards him, knocking him off. In desperation, Joey clasped onto the capsule as he fell. This released Baby Dragon, who saved him from hitting the ground.[1]

Baby Dragon flew with Joey on his back, as they were chased by a flock of Kurama. Joey got Baby Dragon to turn around, intent on fighting back, but realized that they were greatly outnumber. Instead he got Baby Dragon to fly through thin gaps between mountains, causing the Kurama to dwindle in numbers as some of them crashed into obstacles. When Baby Dragon flew through a thin hole, too many Kurama tried going through at once causing them to get stuck and block others from getting through.[1]

Baby Dragon and Joey went to a cave behind a waterfall. There Joey found a chest, which he was optimistic contained treasure. On opening it, Yamatano Dragon Scroll emerged and wrapped him up. Joey pleaded with Baby Dragon to help, but changed his mind when he saw that Baby Dragon was about to use a fire attack. Baby Dragon incinerated the scroll, but also burned Joey, who ran to the waterfall to cool down.[1]

Baby Dragon continued to fly Joey around until they saw a campfire. As they flew closer to the campsite, Joey recognized his friends Yugi Muto, Téa Gardner, Tristan Taylor and Solomon Muto. Joey fell from Baby Dragon as he tried calling them, but Baby Dragon was able to swoop down in time to catch him. Baby Dragon was returned to its capsule shortly afterwards.[2]

When a pack of Flower Wolves surrounded Joey and his friends, Joey Summoned Baby Dragon to help fight them off. Baby Dragon, aided by Thunder Kid and Celtic Guardian fought off a few wolves before it became clear they were too greatly outnumbered and the group opted to make a distraction and flee instead.[2]

Baby Dragon, along with Thunder Kid, was called to battle Neo Aqua Madoor, while Celtic Guardian battled with La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp. Baby Dragon and its allies were overwhelmed at first, until Yami came up with a plan to use their anniversaries elemental attacks against each other. Baby Dragon, with Thunder Kid on its back, attacked Neo Aqua Madoor, while Celtic Guardian attacked La Jinn. As Neo and La Jinn counterattacked with ice and fire, Thunder Kid, Baby Dragon and Celtic Guardian pulled aside, leaving their opponents opposing elemental attacks hit each other.[2]

When Joey and his friends were attacked by a group of The Wandering Doomed and Wood Remains, Baby Dragon was summoned and fought a number of them off.[3]

Joey attempted to get past the walls surrounding the Fortress of Fear by flying over them on Baby Dragon. However they hit a force field, causing both Joey and Baby Dragon to fall back. Baby Dragon returned to its capsule, due to the injuries it sustained.[3]


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