Badloon Castle

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Badloon Castle

Badloon Castle (パーロン城 Pāron-jō) is a location in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!. It is located within the dark side of the Alien Residential Area and serves as the headquarters for the Rovian Bandits. The front entrance of the castle is guarded by the Total Macho Gate, a group of large autonomous statues which prevent entry to the castle unless those entering have reached the Macho Rank in the Coruffium.


  • The name "Badloon" is a play on the Kowloon Walled City. "Kowloon" is pronounced Kūron in Japanese, and since the Japanese word for the number nine,「九」(kyū or ku), is pronounced with the same ku sound, this castle instead gets its name from ()— the Cantonese word for the number eight, which when transcribed from Cantonese to English, provides a sound similar to bāt.