Banishes cards when it leaves the field

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This search category entry details every card that upon leaving the field, banishes other cards.

Cards that banish cards when the card leaves the field cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Elder Entity NordenキュウシンノーデンEffect Monster
Fusion Monster
Kinka-byoきんびょうEffect MonsterSpirit monsterDARKBeast1400200
Kinka-byo (Duel Links)きんびょうEffect MonsterSpirit monsterDARKBeast1400200
 Japanese nameCard typeProperty
Beacon of WhiteひかりみちびSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Beacon of White (Duel Links)ひかりみちびSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Big Bang Shotビッグバン・シュートSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Big Bang Shot (Duel Links)ビッグバン・シュートSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Escape from the Dark DimensionやみげんかいほうTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Escape from the Dark Dimension (Duel Links)やみげんかいほうTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Monster ReboneよこりボーンTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Monster Rebone (Duel Links)よこりボーンTrap CardContinuous Trap Card