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A Baria Crystal

Baria Crystal, known as Bariarite or Variarite (バリアライト Bariaraito) in the Japanese version, is a substance native to Barian World.


At some point, Kite Tenjo acquired a Baria Crystal, which he used as a new power source for Orbital 7. Later, after he and Orbital 7 stole Yuma's key and found that no substance native to Earth could affect it, Kite suggested they try using the Baria Crystal on it. Using it, they successfully opened a portal, allowing Kite to enter the world inside the Key.[1]

Within the chamber where Dumon, Girag, Mizar and Alito meet in Barian World, many of these crystals are present. Before leaving for Earth, Girag crushes one with only his fist.[2] The crystals serve as devices that can be used to monitor Earth. Using them, Dumon witnessed Girag's failures, prompting his decision to send Alito to Earth too.[3]

The crystals also have healing properties, seen when Girag and Alito were resting inside them to heal after being defeated by Yuma.[4]

The crystal that powered Orbital 7 was later used to erect an energy shield to protect Kite in his Duel with Mizar on the Moon.[5]

A Baria Crystal was made as the cocoon of Don Thousand, from which he revealed his true form. [6]

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