Barian Battlemorph

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The Seven Barian Emperors commencing "Barian Battlemorph."

Barian Battlemorph, known as Bariarphose or Variarphose (バリアルフォーゼ Bariarufōze, a play on "Barian" or "Varian" and "metamorphose") in the Japanese version, is a process which Barians use to regain their original form and appearance[1] through the use of a Baria Crystal.[2] Normally, Barians cannot retain their original body structure in a low-energy world such as Earth, so they must take on a human form when in such a place.[3] They can only go through this process when in an environment that emulates a high-energy world, namely, a Sphere Field. The field is usually generated by using a Barian Sphere Cube.[4]

Later, Barians are also able to Battlemorph at anytime when the Earth's atmosphere mimics that of the Barian World.[5] When a Barian regains their true memories, they lose their Barian form temporarily and revert back to their default human form.[6] However they can transform back into their Barian form afterwards if they want to, as seen with Vector and Mizar.[7][8]

All Seven Barian Emperors and the Fearsome Four of the Dark Dueling World have undergone this process.



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