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Barian Cosmic Crime Unit ID

The Barian Cosmic Crime Unit, known as a Barian's Guardian or Varian's Guardian in the Japanese version, is a protector of the Barian World in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. They act as the law enforcement for the Barian World.[1] Ray Shadows claimed himself as one of them, and was tasked with a mission to defeat the evil Barians (in the dub, his job was to find Barian criminals hiding among the denizens of the Human World). Later on, Ray made Yuma Tsukumo a "Barian's Guardian subordinate" ("Barian Cosmic Crime Unit sidekick" in the dub) and gave him a badge to verify the position. Yuma mistakenly called this group "Cardian" instead of "Guardian".[2] However, the group was revealed to be a fictional position created by Vector in order to deceive Yuma.[3]


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