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Barian Emblem

Barian Emblem

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Barian Emblem



The Barian Emblem is the emblem symbolizing the Barian World and its residents. Its origins lie in the past life of Nash, leader of the Seven Barian Emperors in which he wore it as a pendant[1]. It appears as a stylized blue fleur-de-lis with a cross-section that encloses a red diamond-shaped gem at center.

Nash's Barian Emblem.

After Nash's death in his past life, he was reincarnated as a Barian and was chosen as the Barian leader by the denizens of Barian World. Due to this, his emblem came to symbolize the Barian World and its residents. Each of the Seven Barian Emperors possess similar, though unrelated emblems. Those who are brainwashed by a Barian have this emblem appear on their foreheads and no longer require the need of their own Duel Gazers to see the augmented reality. One of their eyes just becomes red instead.[2] When Vector possessed Dr. Faker, the emblem appeared on his forehead.[3]

Also, all those who are brainwashed by the Barians have a tendency to say "Barian sekai no tame ni", meaning "for (the sake of) the Barian World".

Brainwashed Duelists[edit]

# Identity Summary
1 Fender He is the leader in a gang of thieves who Girag gave Barian power to in order to defeat Yuma Tsukumo and Astral.[2]
2 Devon Knox He is a Pro-Duelist who was under the control of the heralds of the Barian World.[4]
3 Carlyle Chesterton He is the head of the Student Council at Heartland Middle School, and he was brainwashed by Girag in order to attack Yuma.[5]
4 Art Stanley A member of Heartland Academy's Comic Book Appreciation Club, he was brainwashed by Girag after Carlyle's defeat. He was also given a supernatural power he used to kidnap and trap Rio Kastle inside the Comic Book World.[5]
5 Lotus Hanazoe She is the leader of the Floral Design Club, and was used by Girag in an attempt to capture Rio. She was given a supernatural power to put those around her to sleep by cutting flower branches in the Japanese version, or by the sound of her voice in the dub.[6]
6 Tori Meadows She was used by Girag along with Cathy in order to defeat Shark and Yuma and recover their "Numbers". Ironically, Girag was forced to help Yuma defeat the pair to prevent his own demise.[7]
7 Cathy Katherine She was used by Girag along with Tori in order to defeat Shark and Yuma and recover their "Numbers". Ironically, Girag was forced to help Yuma defeat the pair to prevent his own demise.[7]
8 Various students They were brainwashed by Girag to attack Yuma en-masse to obtain his "Numbers". Alito defeated them all to enable himself and Yuma to have a final 1-on-1 Duel.[8]
9 Ray Shadows He was briefly brainwashed by Girag and used to restrain Yuma while the other brainwashed students attacked him.[8] He may have been faking, as he himself was a Barian at the time.
10 Brooke Walker Another Pro-Duelist, this time brainwashed by Vector in order to capture Yuma's Numbers. Unlike the Duelists Girag brainwashes – whose personalities change to make them subservient – she acted more like a sleeper agent, retaining her normal personality until she drew Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force during her Duel with Yuma.[9]
11 Number 96 Vector gave "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to Number 96 as a token of loyalty, when secretly it was an attempt to control Number 96 to obtain his power. His use of this card on his card form, however, resulted in a physical transformation.[10]
12 Nistro After arriving at the Number ruins, he was brainwashed by Alito so he could be the holder for "Number 54: Lion Heart" and take its risk while also using him to defeat Yuma.[11]
13 Flip Turner He was sacrificed to the Barian World, along with many Heartland City citizens after being brainwashed by a fake "Number".[12]
14 Heartland City citizens Residents of Heartland City were sacrificed to the Barian World after being brainwashed by Don Thousand's fake "Numbers".[12]

Don Thousand's Emblem[edit]

Main article: Don Thousand's Emblem

Don Thousand also has his own variation of the Barian Emblem. It has thus far been seen when he has used his powers in other ways such as healing Alito and Girag; resulting in them having a malicious disposition.[13][11]


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