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Barian Pipe

Barian Pipe

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Barian Pipe


Barian Pipe

The Barian Pipe is a conveyor beam of energy from the Barian World in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.


Duelists with Fake Numbers turning into dark energy to be absorbed into the Barian Pipe.

The Barian Pipe first appeared on Earth when the Fusionizer was activated, connecting the Human World and the Barian World.[1] It appears as a tremendous pillar of luminous fuchsia light native to the Barian World, which covered the entire planet.[1]

According to Mr. Heartland, individuals who obtained a Fake Number, which were scattered throughout Earth by Don Thousand, can no longer control their desires and emotions, causing them to be converted into pink energy, which is then absorbed by the Pipe. Therefore, the Pipe, along with the Fake "Number" holders, serve as the conduit that will merge the two worlds together.[1]


The effects of the phenomenon include transforming Earth into a high-energy environment, allowing Barians to fully use their powers, such as utilizing Barian Battlemorph without the assistance of a Barian Sphere Field. This is possible because every Duel has the same effect as being conducted in a Barian Sphere Field. where the damage inflicted is also suffered by the Duelist's body; even more so if they are in possession of a Fake "Number".[1] Also if any person were to Duel a Barian and lose, they will also be absorbed into the pipe.[2]


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